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Dangerous Dairy

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What Are Dairy Products?

Dairy products include, but are not limited to: milk, cheese, butter, ghee, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, cream, kefir, and colostrums.

Various Kinds of Dairy Products


This stuff is fermented and congealed milk and highly toxic. It is made with the enzymes from baby male cows that have their stomachs ripped open for the enzymes in their intestines. This is what you big cheese lovers are eating. The holes in Swiss cheese are the result of living microorganisms. Little critters eat little holes into the cheese, and then the dairy industry sells it to you.

Personally, cheese smells like doo doo (poop) to me. I dislike walking near the cheese section in Whole Foods Market, especially the one in Berkeley, California. That crap smells horrible. I can't believe I ever used to eat this crap. But I did when I was deaf, dumb, and blind (unconscious).

Cheese contains casein (milk-based protein), is mucus forming, and contains fecal mater (like milk) and bacteria. All cheese in the United States is dead which is why it is refrigerated. The refrigerator is a morgue. The cheese package plastic case is the body bag. In Europe, cheese is alive like your dog or cat. You wouldn't put your pet in the refrigerator because it is alive. Therefore, Europeans don't freeze their cheese. They leave it out of the morgue (refrigerator).

Cheese, like most other dairy products is very constipating and mucus forming! YOGURT.

Many people (especially women) think yogurt is healthy for you, but it is not. People tell me all the time that they eat yogurt because of its purported beneficial bacteria. However, the human body produces its own beneficial bacteria or flora when you give the body what it needs. Most people would rather eat their crap (junk food) and destroy the condition of their own colon and then turn around and eat yogurt under the guise that they are doing right or good by their colon. We will say anything to justify doing what we like to do. People are funny to me!

I can understand Bedouin Arabs eating yogurt due to their dessert existence, but people in the city? There's no excuse! Spirulina, Ginger, Cayenne, and carrot juice can and will help to repopulate your beneficial bacteria; especially after a colonic or rigid herbal-based colon cleanse, i.e. Dherbs.Com 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse (which I recommend folks perform at least twice a year).


Many people in health circles today are now consuming colostrum from bovine, a pre-milk nutrient that is secreted from the mammary gland within the first week of new life and which is rich in antibodies. Colostrum does help to develop and fortify the developing so-called immune system, but if the colostrums is from a cow, then it's for a cow. Period! This should be common sense.

Humans get their colostrum from sucking at the tit of a human mother during the first week (or two) of new life. However, many of us grew up on a plastic bottle (synthetic tit) and grew up to like cow milk, and then we became a little health conscious, though in convoluted fashion, and started to deprive the poor baby cow or goat of its mother's colostrum. Humans are strange creatures indeed! They are quick to take from animals as if Nature forgot to provide humans with everything humans require for health and wellbeing.


Kefir is nothing but sour tasting spoiled (or fermented) milk with bacteria that originated in Russia. Some Muslims think that it is kefir in which the Qur'an talks about when it states that from between two obnoxious substances (blood and feces) Allah gives the Muslims pure milk. Even if it is kefir, is it really fit for human consumption and health, especially for the Bilalian or so-called Black Muslim?

Humans have no business consuming kefir or anything else that is excreta from an animal. However, under free will (which I respect), man can do as he pleases, even killing himself.


For the 411 on ice cream, read our article entitled "Ice Cream Anyone".


Like cheese, butter too is also dead here in the U.S. This is why we also freeze or refrigerate butter. Before the advent of the refrigerator (morgue) people did not freeze their butter. They processed it and then ate it. You even read about butter in the Bible during ancient Biblical days. Surely these people did not have refrigerators for their butter. But we know they ate butter, so how did they keep their butter?

Today, butter is greatly processed, made via hydrogenation and just like milk and cheese and other dairy products, butter is loaded with unhealthy fat and cholesterol and is unhealthy. Margarine is no better! These products clog the arteries and play a role in the development of high cholesterol.


Ghee is clarified butter and originated in India. It is made by simmering unsalted butter in a large pot until all water has boiled off and protein has settled to the bottom of the pot. The cooked and clarified butter is spooned off to prevent from disturbing the milk solids on the bottom of the pan. Unlike butter, ghee can be stored and kept for extended periods of time without refrigeration.


Any dairy product that is sour is sour due to fermenting. Sour cream too is fermented and loaded with bacteria - UNHEALTHY bacteria! It too is unhealthy for human consumption. Many people simply cannot eat a baked potato absent sour cream (and/or butter). They like the taste of the sour cream. However, taste is not the criterion for what is healthy.

Dairy and the Food Chart (Pyramid) in Schools

Originally, the food chart didn't contain sections for meat and dairy products. The first food chart only contained two categories: (1) fruits and vegetables, and (2) grains. After World War II, things changed. The meat and dairy industries began to flourish after WWII and started to wield much power and influence in government, politics, and business, thanks to meat and dairy lobbyists.

The meat and dairy industries influenced government to alter the original food chart and to add meat and dairy to the food chart. The new chart became a pyramid with the nutritious and wholesome foods at the bottom of the chart (fruits, vegetables, and grains) and the unhealthy but new foods (meat and dairy) at the top of the chart. So today, your food charts in U.S. schools have four categories: (1) Meat, (2) Dairy, (3) Fruits and Vegetables, and (4) Grains

The U.S. government via the Department of Education is under contract with the meat and dairy industries respectively and this is why U.S. schools serve milk, chocolate milk, eggs, meat, and dairy products in school breakfast and lunch programs.

The U.S. government has doctors and scientists who know that so-called minority school children (Blacks/African-American, Puerto Rican, Hispanics/Latinos, Asian, Native American, et al.) are lactose intolerant; but this doesn't stop the program (compulsory biological harm via diet).

The U.S. government is guilty of sabotaging the health of poor minorities (mainly Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos) by willfully distributing free milk (i.e., powdered milk), butter, and cheese throughout inner cities of the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.

The U.S. government, as far as I'm personally concerned, played a major role in epidemic cases of asthma and bronchitis in American youth in general, inner city Black or African-American youth in particular, in addition to playing a major role in epidemic cases of other degenerative diseases that not only implicate so-called minority children, but all children regardless of race or nationality.

However, the government can only harm you when you are ignorant and willfully and voluntarily participate in its schemes (to control and regulate you under the premise or pretenses that it is controlling and regulating you for your own good, a la public safety, because basically, you're a moron or person of unsound mind).

Detrimental Effects and Diseases Caused by Dairy Products


You cannot get high cholesterol without eating animal flesh and/or excreta (dairy products). Facts show that dairy products contain more cholesterol than its meat (animal flesh) relatives. The RAVE Diet video ("Eating") greatly showcases these facts. Visit to order the video.

All animal products and byproducts contain cholesterol (see RAVE video "Eating" 3rd edition). But as humans we have our own cholesterol. When we become delusional and attempt to become carnivores (though our anatomy doesn't support such behavior and activity) and eat dead animal flesh, we add to our cholesterol levels. We add the animal's cholesterol to our cholesterol and the result is that our cholesterol levels rise and now we have to go to the hospital to see a doctor who prescribes toxic medication to us. But all we have to do is return to our nature and stop eating animal flesh and excreta.

We get as much animal cholesterol in our bodies from consuming milk and other dairy products as we do from eating animal flesh:

"While there is much debate about dietary cholesterol, by the time the average American reaches the age of fifty-two, he or she has consumed in milk and dairy products the equivalent cholesterol contained in 1 million slices of bacon." - Robert Cohen, "Milk: The Deadly Poison," pg. xi


Mucus (the unhealthy kind, thick greenish-yellowish in color) greatly sabotages the health of Westerners, especially here in the U.S.

Mucus is the result of excess acid in the body, referred to as acidosis. This acidosis stems from eating far too many acid-forming so-called foods, i.e. meat, dairy products, refined grains, refined starches; processed foods, etc.

The acid-forming foods break down in our bodies via the digestion process. A byproduct produced in our bodies from dairy consumption is LACTIC ACID.

Lactic acid forms and stores in the blood and tissues of the body. It is produced by anaerobic respiration. It is what is responsible for the stiffness after you work out.

Lactic acid inflames the mucous membranes (internal skin). To protect the body, the body begins to produce vast amounts of thick mucus to serve as a barrier between the acid and the mucous membranes; but because we eat so much acid-forming foods and non-stop, more acid is produced in the body and in turn the body has to produce more mucus; well, the mucus builds up so much so that the mucus now becomes a problem to the body. The mucus obstructs the mucous membranes and now there arises a problem with the blood and skin, usually of an inflammatory nature.

Mucus causes inflammation (burning). It the medical world, inflammation is denoted by the suffix 'itis.' The English word (actually a suffix) "itis" denotes or means "inflammation" and said inflammation is due to mucus which is the result of eating too much acid-forming so-called foods, i.e., meat (hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, fried chicken, pork chops, sausages, fish, lamb chops, shrimp, lobster, etc.), pizza, potato chips, cake, donuts, spaghetti, pasta, bread, bagels, muffins, etc. Yes, all the good tasting stuff (that only seemingly taste good due to the chemical food additives added to them).

The excess mucus eventually stores in areas of the body whereby there is space and room for it, i.e. joints, female reproductive tract, etc. or will store in certain organs where the energy is low so as to convey a metaphysical message to the person.

In Western medical language, wherever the mucus stores in the body and causes inflammation, the disease is named after the body part (in Latin) and usually ends with the suffix 'itis'; so for example, if there is excess mucus in the vagina, the disease is called 'vaginitis.' If there is excess mucus in the bronchi tubes, the disease is called 'bronchitis.' If there is excess mucus in the 'arthr' (joints of the arm), the disease is called 'arthritis.'

Appendicitis = inflammation of the appendix
Arthritis = inflammation of the arthrs (joints)
Bronchitis = inflammation of the bronchi
Carditis = inflammation of the heart
Colitis = inflammation of the colon
Conjunctivitis = inflammation of the conjunctiva
Diverticulitis = inflammation of the diverticuli
Hepatitis = inflammation of the liver
Meningitis = inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
Nephritis = inflammation of the kidneys
Otitis = inflammation of the ears
Phlebitis = inflammation of the veins
Prostatitis = inflammation of the prostate gland
Tendonitis = inflammation of the tendons
Urethritis = inflammation of the urethra
Vaginitis = inflammation of the vagina

Any disease ending with the suffix 'itis' lets you know that there is inflammation present caused by excess mucus buildup and the particular disease.

Also, any disease ending with the suffix 'itis' can be healed by simply removing the mucus from the body. You first stop eating the things that cause the mucus - the good-tasting stuff, usually junk foods. Then, you work on dissolving and removing the mucus. This is done by using certain herbs such as Mullein leaf, Yerba Santa, Boneset, Comfrey Root, Fenugreek Seed, or Coltsfoot or ready made herbal compounds such as Dherbs.Com Mucus Buster, Acid Buster, Lungs Formulas and the 3-week Lungs and Respiratory Cleanse.

Next, you begin eating things that will repair the area that was damaged by the mucus and which will also prevent mucus formation and proliferation in the body.

Vegetarians and Dairy Products

Many so-called vegetarians may not eat meat (dead animal flesh), but they may still consume animal excreta (eggs and dairy). These vegetarians are properly called 'ovo-lacto' vegetarians.

"Ovo" = 'eggs' and "lacto" = 'milk.'

Because of this, a new term was needed to describe true vegetarians, people who did not consume (or even wear) anything derived from an animal. People who totally abstain from consuming and eating animal flesh and byproducts (as well as abstain from wearing clothes derived from animals) are called VEGAN. A vegan denotes a strict vegetarian, whereas today, "vegetarian" is a term used very loosely in our society and all conscious vegans should know the difference between being vegan and being vegetarian.

Veganism is not a religion, but a lifestyle. It doesn't it make a person better than another person simply by virtue of what they eat and don't eat. What it does do is make an individual healthier and extends their life expectancy and duration (compared to a meat eater or omnivore).

Homeopathy and Dairy Products

I often tell people to be careful of certain homeopathic products due to their containing dairy products. Many homeopathic remedies for children contain dairy (lactose), especially earache and other pain-reducing products.

I'm not a fan of homeopathy because homeopathy utilizes oxides or inorganic materials as well as dairy products.

I also don't believe in the saying: 'like cures like.' This saying alone should let us know that the word 'cure' is not synonymous with 'healing.' The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) owns the term 'cure' whereas God and Nature owns the word "healing" (via its definition) which is why all humans have the right to heal themselves. You don't have a right to cure anything, including yourself. But again, you do have a right to heal yourself.

Basically, homeopathy makes the statement that a little poison can cure a condition of poisoning. Well, if poison is toxic to the body, how can you heal the body with a toxin? If toxins impair your health, how can you restore health with the sane thing that impairs health? Absolutely ludicrous, at least in my opinion!

Myths About Health Benefits Derived From Dairy Products

There are many myths associated with dairy products and their alleged health benefits. One of these grand myths pertains to milk - animal milk, specifically cow and goat milk.

Milk by definition is a protein, a complete food for babies, in the case of cow milk, baby cows. Logic would dictate that each female animal produces milk for its own kind, thus, cow milk is for baby cows; goat milk is for baby goats, and so forth. Every animal in the wild nurtures its young with the mother's own milk. The only exception is the civilized human being. We cannot say that every human female, especially in the Western world, nurtures her young (baby) with her own milk. We just can't say this.

The human being is the ONLY creature in Nature and on Earth that drinks the milk of another creature (species) and voluntarily so.

Nowhere in Nature will you find a species of animal that voluntarily drinks the milk of another animal. The gorilla does not drink the milk of a tiger. The tiger does not drink the milk of a lion. The lion does not and will not drink the milk of a giraffe. Animals just don't do this!

Western man and woman are so far off the path and so disconnected from Nature and his own nature it's a shame. Modern man, civilized man, does not understand his biological makeup. If he/she did, he/she wouldn't be drinking animal milk.

Milk Does A Body Good?

Milk does do a body good, but the only thing is, you have to know whose body. Clearly, cow milk does a baby cow's body some good. But if we say that cow milk (or goat milk) does a human being's body some good, now we are talking as if we are out of our minds, high off of crack cocaine or something. Animal milk does not do a human being's body any good. It is a foreign substance to the human body. Remember, the human body is made up of cells of intelligence. These cells know everything - what's natural and what's foreign. You cannot fool Mother Nature (though Western man will certainly try).

Because humans and cows are different species, their milks reflect this difference. A human baby can't get everything a human baby requires from drinking any milk outside of the milk produced by its particular specie's mother and likewise a baby cow would not get everything a baby cow requires from the milk of a human woman.

You no longer see the billboards that say: 'Milk Does A Body Good' because of a successful lawsuit that proved milk does not do a body (human body) good. So today, all you see is ads featuring celebrities with milk mustaches with the phrase 'Got Milk?"

Got Milk or Got Pus?

Let's keep it real! When we know milk contains pus, and a lot of it, we know that when we hear "Got Milk?" we know we're really hearing 'Got Pus?"

It is a known fact that dairy cows are known to have chronic cases of mastitis and mastitis produces pus and when you hook a suction cup up to an infected cow tit, you are going to suck pus out of the tit along with the milk. This is just a given.

The statement or motto "Got Milk?" could also be interpreted as "Got Snot?" or 'Got Feces?" Yes, cow milk contains less than 10% cow feces. This is true! It would be great if I was lying here, but unfortunately (for dairy lovers), I'm telling the truth. So damn, cow milk contains pus, feces, and synthetic hormones (bovine growth hormone, rbST). Consider the following:

"In the summer of 1994, an article in a health newsletter reviewed the most controversial drug application in the history of America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Monsanto Agricultural Company had isolated the naturally occurring bovine growth hormone. They then found a way to combine that hormone with microorganisms, merging genetic material from cows and E. coli bacteria to achieve a new products, which, when injected back into cows would result in an increase in milk production. That new hormone was called recombinant bovine somatropin (rbST). An investigation of that new hormone and of milk and dairy products released a Pandora's box of demons and dilemmas that milk producers had wished had never been exposed. As a result of that subsequent investigation, many questions were asked. The answers to those questions will place America's entire dairy industry in jeopardy." - Robert Cohen, "Milk: The Deadly Poison," pg. xi

Modern day dairy cows produce so much milk that if it were not for the cowhands intervening, baby cows would drown from their own mother's milk.

Also, if you feed a baby cow commercially processed milk (pasteurized and homogenized) for 6 months, it will die! That's right! The processed milk that humans derive from cows and unwisely drink will kill the baby cow in 6 months time.

This processed milk is toxic and harmful to baby cows. Logic would seem to dictate that this same milk would also be toxic and harmful to human babies as well as children, teens, adults, and elders.

The Flaw of the Weston A. Price Foundation Pertaining to Milk and Other Dairy Products

The Weston A. Price Foundation is spreading erroneous dietary concepts that can result in dire and adverse health consequences if his advocates and adherents are not careful and do not use common sense or the laws of human biology and Nature.

I make my assertion supra using the Laws of Nature as the premise and yardstick.

The W.A.P. Foundation is promoting and advertising dairy products stating that indigenous diets contained dairy products (milk and butter) that were raw and unprocessed. However, the W.A.P. Foundation is NOT exporting these raw and unprocessed dairy products (or meat products) from various indigenous lands into the United States for its members and adherents.

The W.A.P. Foundation advocates are claiming the W.A.P. Foundation diet which is purportedly based upon the diets of indigenous people from indigenous lands, but the adherents (in Western nations, specifically the U.S.) are NOT getting and consuming meat and dairy products from indigenous lands. They are buying their meat and dairy products from U.S. based meat and dairy manufacturers sold in commercial super markets (i.e. Vons, Lucky's, Albertsons, Ralph's, Safeway, Pavillions, Whole Foods Market, etc.) which means they are buying and consuming non-indigenous meat and dairy products and thus are consuming the same degenerate, toxic, refined, and processed meats and dairy products like the rest of Americans.

It is not wise or intelligent to claim an indigenous-based diet and then turn around and eat non-indigenous foods. You are eating an indigenous diet when the foods you are consuming are indigenously produced, meaning what you eat come from the lands of indigenous people who eat their meat and dairy products raw and unprocessed.

If indigenous people are consuming small amounts of raw butter and milk and you as a W.A.P. Foundation advocate and adherent is drinking processed (pasteurized, homogenized, and fortified) milk and butter, then you cannot claim to be consuming "raw" products, let alone "indigenous" foods.

You cannot be eating an indigenous diet when your meat comes from U.S. slaughterhouses and sold under the banner or label of Zacky Farms, Farmer John, or Foster Farms. Indigenous people do not shop in grocery stores for their meat (or milk). They hunt it, slaughter it, and prepare it themselves; something most civilized humans (Westerners) wouldn't have the heart and stomach to do for if most Western meat-eaters had to prepare their own meat (animal flesh), most would ultimately become vegetarians (vegans) overnight due to the brutality involved in killing animals for their flesh.

Remember, most meat-eaters are meat-eaters simply because they don't see how their meat is processed and how the animals from which their meat is derived is treated on a daily basis. I am banned from teaching diet to public school students at a few Los Angeles Unified School District schools because after the students hear my lecture (words) and view the videos I show (from groups like Farm Sanctuary and PETA) of animal treatment and slaughter, the students become upset and desire to be vegetarians (vegans) and then it makes the students and even the teachers question their school breakfast and lunch programs. You see, it starts showing people up and now Djehuty is the bad guy, the rabble rouser, or the trouble maker when in fact all he is doing helping to bring awareness to what people are consuming.

NOTE: PETA stands for 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.' Visit:
Also visit:

You are not drinking indigenously produced milk when your milk is PASTUERIZED, HOMOGENIZED, and FORTIFIED. Raw milk is not pasteurized, homogenized, clarified, or fortified. Raw means the milk is straight from the tit of the animal that produced it.

While I will admit raw and unprocessed milk is better than pasteurized, homogenized, clarified, and fortified milk, however, I stand firm in my contention that even raw milk derived from a different specie (lower animal, i.e. cow, goat) is not healthy for humans to consume. Humans simply don't require milk after the age of two (or when the teeth come in) and nor do they require the milk of foreign creatures, i.e. cow, goat, buffalo, etc.

So even when humans do require milk (infant years), that required milk is strictly from the breasts of a human female. Period! After age two or when all the teeth come in, the enzyme 'lactase' (necessary to digest the sugar in milk, 'lactose') subsides, inactivates, or is lost in humans, a clear and convincing biological sign and sign of Nature that man (human) no longer requires food in the form of a liquid called milk, but is now ready to eat solid food. The child is now ready to masticate his food.

A good friend of mine stated humans can drink milk because we have the power to adapt. He also used the domestic cat as an example of a creature drinking the milk of a foreign animal. However, a wholistic and rational approach will show his folly here. The only reason why a domesticated cat will drink cow milk is because its human master has forced it to drink cow milk. And yes, the cat or kitten drinks the milk, but not without adverse reactions. As has been proven, processed cow milk is ACID-FORMING and excess acid produces MUCUS, a serious factor in the majority of degenerative diseases.

Cow milk is not good or healthy for a cat and the proof is in a common term many of us use to describe a situation of mucus (pus) in the corner of the eyes. What do we call mucus that secrete or oozes from the corner of eyes? ANSWER: Cat in the eye! Well there you go! Point made!

You can always find a bunch of mucus in the eyes of a domesticated cat. Where does this mucus come from? ANSWER: Cow's milk given by the pet owner (master)! Both humans and cats experience "cat in the eye" because they both drink the milk of the cow - the human voluntarily, but the poor cat, by force.

Now if we return to the standard of Nature, we will find that no cat or member of the cat family in the wild, i.e. wild cat, VOLUNTARILY drinks or will drink milk from a cow.

Number one, out in Nature, a cat (tiger, lion, bobcat, cheetah, etc.) would not be attempting to drink a cow's milk. The cat in the wild would attempt to kill and eat the cow. This is their nature as carnivores. Most carnivores mainly eat vegetarian animals. The same is true of the delusional human carnivore. The human carnivore eats the pig (vegetarian), cow (vegetarian), and sheep/lamb (vegetarian), and chicken and turkey (both of whom are cophraphageous in nature and do however eat bugs and other insects).

The human carnivore also drinks the milk of vegetarian animals (i.e. cow, goat, buffalo) exclusively. Carnivores are always talking about what vegetarians lack health and diet-wise but can always be found consuming the flesh and excreta of vegetarians who seem to be great sources of all the nutrients carnivores need. I find this quite interesting! I have yet to meet a human carnivore, an American one, that eats the meat of carnivores and who drinks the milk of carnivores (i.e. tigers, lions, cheetahs, bobcats, etc.). Asians are exempt here because some of them eat snake, cat, dog, and rat meat.

We make a serious mistake attempting to use domesticated animals to prove or make a point about diet when we consider that nowadays domesticated animals, especially here in the U.S., suffer from the same degenerative diseases as their human masters. And why is this? Simply because domesticated animals or companion animals are eating the same things as their masters - processed foods!

This is why today your cat and/or dog suffers from a host of degenerative diseases common to human beings, i.e. osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, gastrointestinal disease, glaucoma, cancer, tumors, behavior problems, bladder problems, epilepsy (seizures), constipation, leukemia, heart problems, etc.

Master and slave (companion animal) are both sick with the same diseases due to consuming the same things - processed foodstuffs! Because of this fact, Dherbs.Com produced herbal-based animal health compounds. Visit:

I would have never known that I'd be producing health compounds for animals, but the facts show and the reality is these poor creatures are also suffering from our human madness, and as such, need help. I am a great lover and respecter of the lower animal kingdom.

The wild cat or cat in Nature does not suffer from any of the degenerative diseases that the domesticated cat suffers from. There's no "tiger in the eye", "lion in the eye", or "cheetah in the eye", pertaining to mucus oozing out of the corner of the eyes simply because you won't find a lion, tiger, bobcat or any other wild cat in Nature voluntarily drinking cow's milk or the milk of any other creature. However, you may see this (mucus oozing from the corner of the eyes) in one of these creatures supra in a municipal zoo, i.e. San Diego Zoo, Bronx (New York) Zoo, or Los Angeles Zoo.

Many members, advocates, and supporters of the Weston A. price Foundation are using his dietary philosophy to justify eating animal flesh and animal byproducts and I say this because these individuals are not hunting the animals they are eating. They are not milking the cows. They are not churning their own butter. Quite plainly, these individuals are 'faking the funk' (pretending) and deluding themselves. But hey, I respect free will and choice.

Just remember, just because butter and milk may be raw, unrefined, and/or unprocessed doesn't make them fit for human consumption no more than raw, unrefined, and unprocessed cow shit or dog piss (urine) make them fit for human consumption. If we are really that zealous for nutrition, then let us start consuming female menstrual blood, vaginal discharge (leucorrhea, the white), and human urine, all of which are loaded with nutrients. Oh Djehuty, you're so graphic! Yes, but graphically practical and pragmatically so! After all, I'm an Earth sign (Taurus) and we Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are very practical.

Dairy Products and Allergies

Dairy products are a major cause of allergies. Allergies usually denote we've consumed too much of a thing over a period of time (usually years) in addition to letting us know it's time to get back in tune with Nature. Allergies let us know this or convey this metaphorical message to us, though most people are unable to decipher this message.

"The fact is: the drinking of cow milk has been linked to iron-deficiency anemia in infants and children; it has been named as the cause of cramps and diarrhea in much of the world's population, and the cause of multiple forms of allergy as well; and the possibility has been raised that it may play a central role in the origins of atherosclerosis and heart attacks." - Frank A. Oski, M.D., "Don't Drink Your Milk!" pg. 3

When we stop consuming milk and other dairy products, many of our allergies disappear.

Black People and Dairy Products

I have been telling Black people for a long time now that they would be wise to leave all dairy products alone, mostly for biogenetic reasons, if not for reasons pertaining to common sense and Nature.

Black people and other so-called people of color are naturally LACTOSE INTOLERANT, which mean they lack the biological processes and capabilities (enzymatic activity via lactase) to digest the sugar in milk (lactose), which leads to a host of problems, i.e. cramping, flatulence, diarrhea, and feeling bloated.

Lactose intolerance is medically defined as: "A sensitivity disorder resulting in the inability to digest lactose because of a deficiency of or defect in the enzyme lactase. Symptoms of the disorder are bloating, flatus, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. The diet is adjusted according to the tolerance level, restricting such foods as milk, cheese, butter, margarine, and any products containing milk, such as cakes, ice cream, cream soups, and sauces." Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition, pg. 673

Though technically NO human beings can really tolerate milk and dairy products (yes, White people too), Black people [African/African-Americans] especially cannot tolerate dairy products.

Now true, a few tribes in Africa (such as the Beja, Kabbabish, Tuareg, and Fulbe) consume animal milk, but they are not drinking the milk straight (like a glass of milk as Westerners do). They add it to other substances (one tribe adds it to cow blood before drinking). They are not drinking eight ounce glasses of the stuff like Black Americans do (and the rest of full glass of milk drinking Americans)! Black people are consuming far too much dairy, especially the females.

They are drinking milk and flavored milks (i.e. chocolate milk, strawberry-flavored milk), buttermilk, cream milk, malt shakes, and eggnog. They are consuming ice cream ("Casket Robbins 31 Flavors," Damn, I mean "Baskin Robbins" 31 Flavors), sour cream (on broccoli and baked potatoes), butter (on their toast, biscuits, waffles, and pancakes), and yogurt (which they unwisely think is healthy for them).

These things above give them flatulence and make them fart like crazy, makes them feel bloated, makes them constipated, gives them abdominal cramps and spasms, and a host of other things. But the number one thing it causes to develop in Black women (as well as all other races of women) today is FIBROID TUMORS!

Dairy product is congealed cow snot (pus)! This stuff is sticky like glue. What do you think is holding all those vaginal blood clots stuffed in the vaginal tract together? Ever heard of 'chocolate cysts'? These cysts are held together by menstrual blood and mucus (pus). Millions of Black women in the U.S. are dealing with blood clots, large-size clots that are hard like plastic. These women put the clots or the materials to make the clots, in their bodies. How? By eating dairy products and other crap foodstuffs!

And by no means are White or Caucasian women exempt because they too suffer from the above. However, White women do not make up a measly 7% of the total U.S. population like Black or African-American women do, and thus fibroid tumors are epidemic amongst African-American females. It seems like every other Black woman has a case of fibroid tumors.

Dairy is a major culprit in cellulite. It is a major culprit in excess body weight (due to fat). It is a major culprit in hormonal imbalance. Remember, dairy is derived from milk, which is derived from the reproductive system (mammary gland to be exact) of a lower animal (cow). Any substance from the reproductive system of another creature inside the body of a human female will interfere with the reproductive system of the human female (as well as the human male).

Do you want to know why leukemia is now common to African-Americans today? Yes, a disease (form of cancer) that was rare amongst Black people a generation ago is now common to them today. The answer is: increase in consumption of dairy products over the years.

My childhood friend, Luscious Harris (former NBA basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets) had a brother named 'Dino' who died from leukemia a few years ago and which was a real shocker to me. Dino was a real cool dude too. He looked just like actor Max Julian (of "The Mack" fame).

You just didn't hear about leukemia in the hood in those days (1970's and 1980's), so to get the news that Dino died from leukemia was a shell shocker to folks (and myself) in the old 'hood' (104th to 108th Street from Main Street to Avalon Boulevard in South Los Angeles, not far from the infamous Locke High School).

Leukemia was originally only prevalent in little White children from what I remember. I used to wonder as a teen how come only White children developed and died from leukemia and when my researched turned up the fact that White children drank more milk and consumed more dairy products than any other race of children in the U.S., I got my answer.

Leukemia was a cancer that was originally found in dairy cows. The fact that their cows had leukemia didn't stop the dairy industry from manufacturing and selling this crap. In the U.S., it's all about the Benjamins (dollar bills) for the sake of reaping profits.

A good movie that exposes the dairy cow-leukemia connection is the film "I Love Trouble" starring Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts. This movie was on point! I highly recommend it.

Excessive consumption of milk is harming Black babies and youth all across America. Ignorant and unconscious Black parents are feeding their poor little babies this toxic crap instead of breastfeeding them.

The chemicals in the formula milks (i.e. Enfamil, Similac, Parent's Choice, etc.) ignorant Black parents (especially mothers, as most Black babies are born to single mothers) are feeding their babies are laced with a host of toxins and junk from pork byproduct (mono-diglycerides), oxide minerals (i.e. iron, zinc) that impair brain development; synthetic sugars (that pollute the blood and thus cause skin problems), etc.

This same formula milk supra is also harming Caucasian babies, Hispanic/Latino babies, Asian babies, Native American babies, etc. Remember, these milks are made in laboratories! Food doesn't come from laboratories, but from Nature.

It is common for little Black babies to suffer from colic and constipation when they are given formula milk. Their little stools stink something awful too! It's like night and day between the smell (odor) of a breastfeed baby and a baby on formula milk. Formula-fed babies are full of mucus. You see the mucus all in their eyes, all in their nose (full of snot and/or dried boogers). Same thing with babies of other races and nationalities!

Coming up as a youth I thought it was natural for babies and little children to have noses full of snot and boogers, but little did I know back then that the cause of this mucus (snot) and boogers was totally due to all the dairy, especially milk and ice cream, that these little Black babies and children were consuming.

Many of the pastries consumed by these little Black babies and youth also contained dairy.

The scene of a bunch of little Black babies, toddlers, and children walking down the street with noses full of snot (mucus) and boogers is something I remember vividly during my childhood days and years growing up in South Los Angeles, Watts (especially in the projects of the Knickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts, and Jordan Downs where my cousins resided), and Compton, California.

One of the worst things a conscious Black male can do in my opinion is to impregnate an unconscious Black woman (or any unconscious woman for that matter).

An ignorant female (regardless of race and nationality) will delight in feeding her child toxins and junk. She will give her child junk under the banner that she does not want to deprive her child of the things the other children are partaking of, and forget about the fact that the things or stuff are seriously insalubrious and deleterious; Black females, just like Black people in general, are slaves to 'traditional paralysis.' This means they are paralyzed by tradition(s) even if those traditions are harmful.

If you study Black society and the Black family structure, what's left of it within Black communities in the U.S., you will see that it is the females who keep traditions going. Christmas, Thanksgiving dinner, Halloween (Trick-or-Treat), New Year's, Easter, Independence Day, etc. are all enforced and kept going by Black females (especially the Matrons) and the Black males go along for the ride.

Now there's really nothing wrong with celebrating these days supra, but like I teach my children, at least know the energy, true meaning, and history behind the day (holiday) if you're going to celebrate them; and it helps to know the metaphysical or true spiritual significance of these holidays as well. Most of your European-based holidays have a spiritual significance that has been hidden by religious hands (the Church).

Most of these European-based traditions celebrated via holidays have their origins in ancient Kemet (Egypt), i.e. Christmas, Easter, and New Year's Day. Much of this is explained in the great works and teachings of Ashra Kweisi ( and Rev. Phil Valentine (

Dairy products are also playing a role in the de-spiritualization of Black people too. How, you might ask? Dairy products cause the pineal gland (seat of the sixth and seventh chakras) to CALCIFY. Today, the majority of Black people in the U.S. have calcified pineal glands (something true of most U.S. citizens).

This is why Blacks in the U.S. can be the most spiritual people in the U.S. (according to USA Today) and yet still do the most horrendous things, i.e. black-on-black homicide, sexual assault on their own women (rape, molestation, incest, etc.), sell drugs to their own people (something Italians, Sicilians, Jews, Russians, et al don't even do), abort a fetus, etc.

Despite all the hooting and hollering about God (or Jesus, Jehovah, or Allah), Black people throughout America are in spiritual disarray and disrepair. Religion makes a complete fool out of most of them because there's no balance with Universal or cosmic law.

Take the Black Muslim community for example. These individuals trust a book written 1,400 years ago over their own biology and so much so that they will consume dairy products and justify it with a book. They trust the Qur'an (Koran) more so than their own bodies (the true book of God).

Black Muslims tell me all the time that Allah (via the Qur'an) allowed them to drink milk. But I tell them that: "you are African and therefore lactose intolerant." They don't care about this biological fact. They believe that they can consume dairy and that dairy is good for them simply because in the Qur'an Allah allowed Muslims (desert Arabs, the Bedouins) to drink milk.

They also use their Qur'an to justify consumption of kefir and yogurt, but you see, these individuals are ignorant to the laws of human biology as well as history, because desert Arabs could eat dairy products (from goat and sheep) simply because of their circumstance (being in the desert). The same is true of Africans of the sub-Sahara, an exception to the rule pertaining to dairy products.

The modern-day Black Muslim is not in the desert, but within a major metropolitan area or city, i.e. Chicago, New York, Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta, D.C., Philadelphia, or Los Angeles. They are not dependent upon goat and sheep meat and excreta. But they trust that Qur'an more so than their own individual ability to think and reason in addition to their own biological makeup.

They don't realize that belief in the Qur'an does not override biological law; therefore, the Black Muslim is subject to all the adverse side effects of consuming dairy products due to being naturally lactose intolerant.

The Black Muslim, despite allegedly having 'Supreme Wisdom and Mathematics' suffers from the very same diseases as the Lost-Found, deaf, dumb, and blind Negro. And why? They don't know how to eat, as fellow herbalist Dr. Sebi correctly and adamantly states pertaining to the Black Muslims or Bilalians.

Many of my friends in the Black Muslim outfit 'The Nation of Islam' (NOI) will still eat dairy products to this very day using the fact that their messenger and leader, Elijah Muhammad, said milk was good for Black people to consume and recommended milk drinking (and dairy consumption) in his book 'How to Eat to Live.'

They (NOI Muslims) don't think for themselves, well, most of them. They go by every single word Elijah Muhammad spoke despite the fact that Elijah Muhammad himself ignored his own biology (for whatever reasons) and consumed milk and other dairy products and ended up developing a serious case of bronchitis and dying from it (along with a few other reversible diseases).

This is why there are tapes out there with Malcolm X telling his listening audience before he lectures them that he is standing in for Elijah Muhammad due to Elijah's bad cough and/or cold. Why do you think Elijah had such bad coughs? A cough is the body's way of attempting to expectorate mucus and this is what Elijah's body was attempting to do, so much so to the point that it prevented him from speaking to his followers on many occasions in the last years of his life. It is not my intent to speak ill towards Elijah Muhammad, a man and whose works I respect (though I have many and serious differences with his teachings, ideologies, and philosophies).

Because many of them follow Elijah's every word, they really don't need a brain since a brain is an organ you think with and they simple don't use their brains to think for themselves.

Like a few others, the NOI Muslims get mad at me and upset over my words (which I boldly and uncompromisingly speak) at their Holy Apostle, but like with everyone else who disagrees with me on basic dietary facts, they don't run up for a debate in the area of diet, health, and nutrition, for if they did I would soundly defeat them with facts, practicality, pragmatism, common sense, intelligence, wisdom, biology, laws of Nature, Universal law, and reason or logic. This is my core or foundation in all that I do or espouse. These are more powerful and effective than mere blind belief.

Ignorance is what is killing the majority of Americans, especially Black Americans. I know of no greater disease than ignorance. Where there is ignorance there is poverty and this is why so many Blacks and other so-called minorities (people of color) are so impoverished. A lot of White people are also in this category as well. Ignorance is not colorblind at all.

White People and Dairy Products

While true that Caucasians can tolerate dairy products, especially milk, better than other races (darker races), dairy products are wrecking serious havoc on Caucasians' health. White people fall for the okie doke just as quick as Black folks and other so-called minorities.

They are quick to purchase milk fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, Tums or Rolaids antacids with calcium, commercial cereals fortified with calcium, and commercial orange juice fortified with calcium because they really believe they need these things for good health.

Leukemia rates are high amongst Caucasians due to their high dairy consumption. I thought White school children ate better at their schools in better neighborhoods (i.e. Beverly Hills) compared to so-called minority children in poorer communities until a good friend of mine (who happens to be Caucasian) told me of crappy diets these children are being fed.

School children, period, are being fed crap despite the area or city they attend school in. It's a systematic thing!

Eating excessive refined grains (commercial cereals, granola bars, bagels, donuts, Graham crackers, Pop Tarts, etc.) and consuming excessive amounts of dairy, especially milk, will undoubtedly create unhealthy mucus in the body.

The high cancer rates of Caucasian youth are clearly diet-related.

While Caucasians require more or higher amounts of calcium than Blacks or African-Americans, this calcium must be organic so as to be assimilated by the body.

Most calcium products on the market of health food stores being consumed are synthetic and inorganic (derived from inorganic sources). Though coral calcium is better to consume than limestone or school board chalk (calcium carbonate), humans shouldn't be consuming plankton (coral). This too is not our food. Certain companies (especially in Japan) are now exploiting the oceans (coral reefs) to cash in on the health cow (health industry) and desperate citizens. They are now taking coral and powdering it up and selling it to unconscious people (who may think they are health conscious).

Think about it, when was the last time you jumped into the ocean and bit off a piece of coral? Have you ever had a coral burger or a coral sandwich?

Have you ever seen any land animal do this (jump into the ocean for coral)? Well, they too need calcium so how do you think they are getting their necessary calcium? By jumping into the ocean and biting off plankton or coral? Of course not! They are consuming plants high in calcium. They are smart enough to know that they get all their necessary nutrients from the plants on the land they dwell on.

But poor man! He has become corrupted by his own illusions (money). He is destroying his very own health for absolutely nothing at all. He is losing his soul for the sake of his world, the Matrix he created.

You'll find on the shelves of health food stores across the U.S. (i.e. Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, Nature Mart and Erewhon in Los Angeles, CA, Sevenanda in Atlanta, GA, Papa John's Market in Long Beach, CA, Natural Grocers in Northern California [El Cerrito, Berkeley, San Francisco, etc], and New Frontiers in Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ just to name a few) all kinds of dairy-free products, from butter, yogurt, whip cream, sour cream, cheese, and ice cream. These products are generally made from soy as well as rice and almonds and other nuts, seeds, and grains. Personally, I'm a big fan of almond, hemp, and rice-derived alternative dairy products.

Now even though I'm not a promoter and big fan of soy, I will clearly tell you that it is better to consume soy products that animal-based dairy products despite what Weston A. Price advocate Sally Fallon has to say in her book "Nourishing Traditions."

One thing I must caution folks about pertaining to dairy free cheese products is that some of them contain casein (milk protein) which is dairy. So you want to make sure your alternative dairy cheese brand says "vegan" on the package. Lastly on this point, I recommend that folks do not eat a lot of these alternative dairy products, especially the cheeses. These products are TRANSITIONAL and as such, help you to make the transition.

But if you must have the taste of dairy, let it be from a plant source, one of the dairy free products that you can find listed in our "Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual" manual (e-book) which is a helpful guide for people wanting to change their diets and lives to a more healthy and wholistic diet and lifestyle. This manual will come in very handy!

In closing, you'd be wise to consider abstaining from the consumption of dairy products. Meat and dairy production as well as consumption are greatly harming the planet and human health. A good book detailing this is Howard Lyman's "Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat." Cop this book and read it. It's a real eye opener.

Thank you for reading!

When A Loved One Dies

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If you have just experienced the loss or death of a loved one, may you find comfort via understanding within this article.

First of all, I believe we should begin to switch the word "death" to "transition." Death has been given the stigma of something negative, something that spells the end for all life, which is not true. In most cases, death has been used against us to control us. We have been programmed to see death as an ending rather than what it truly is - a beginning! It all boils down to perception.

Chief Seattle properly summed it up in his saying that: "Death is not an ending, only a change of worlds."

Another beautiful maxim states: "Death is an optical illusion."

Also, "There is no death. There is, as you know, entrance into the fuller life." - Alice A. Bailey

The damage has been done here on Earth in the Western World, especially the United States, in programming us to believe that life exists only here on Earth, in the Third Density or Dimension. However, this is not true! Life pervades the entire Universe and Multiverse. Leaving one dimension for another has been called death, but it is only a transition, a "passing over", going from one dimension, plane, or world to another.

When we leave Earth (3rd Dimension), we move forward to the next dimension that just happens to be different from this dimension that deals with physical life. The next dimension (and subsequent higher dimensions) does not require a physical vessel like life on Earth. In these other dimensions, the soul is free to travel without a hindering vessel like here on Earth, like what happens while astral traveling or dreaming. While dreaming or astral traveling (out of body experience), your Soul is outside of your physical body.

A big problem we make here on earth is that we confuse the physical body as the real person or soul instead of knowing that the flesh body is only a vessel that contains the soul for it's duration on this realm in a particular lifetime (as there are subsequent lifetimes). Living and dying are nothing new to us. We have died and reincarnated numerous times.

You may have heard that "we are SPIRITUAL beings experiencing a physical existence", and this is very true; but if you confuse matters and believe that we are physical beings undergoing a spiritual existence, then you are setting yourself up for a serious detriment.

We get caught up on the physical shell and miss the fact of the soul, so when the present life's shell (body) ceases to exist, we become saddened and only so due to the fact that we became attached to the shell, which is really an illusion as it is not the soul. We say we will miss the person in death but in reality all we will miss is the shell of the person. The soul (the real person or entity) never dies nor can it.

The soul simply changes outfits or bodies. It's like having a closet full of outfits and considering each day as a lifetime. The soul is merely changing outfits (body) for each new day (lifetime).

It is very sad and unfortunate that religion (especially exoteric Western religions) does not deal in or with metaphysics or the occult interpretation of existence, the exceptions of course are Gnostic Christianity, Jewish Kabbalahism, and Islamic Sufism.

I mostly find that people of a religious persuasion are the ones who seem to not be able to handle the passing of a loved one. They cry excessively and many of them talk foolishly, stating that they wish it were them instead who died, or how they can't go on in life anymore. Many fall into states of chronic depression and despair that is really their choice to do so because it's really unnecessary.

At the funeral of a loved one or friend, many of them outright faint or collapse, something I find very indicative of African-Americans at their funeral processes. Some even try to hop inside the coffin or casket. People who talk and act like this are clearly not grounded in life or the understanding of life and its natural processes. They are slaves to their ignorance pertaining to death or transition.

Missing and grieving a deceased love one, especially a parent, spouse, or child, is understandable, but depression is a bit too much. The deceased person does not want this from you. They are just fine on the other side. They are receiving everything they need depending on their specific circumstances predicated upon their most recent Earth incarnation experience and perhaps how they died (i.e. violent death, shock of death/unexpected death).

No one who transitions is ever alone. Ever! The person has all the assistance they need on the other side. Reference the following:

"As death approaches, relatives or friends who have gone on before gather around the dying person to assist in the imminent transition from the physical to the nonphysical state. Frequently the dying can see them already, for at the time of imminent death the bonds between conscious and unconscious are very loose. Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society of Physical Research did some valuable studies on bedside observations of the dying in various hospitals. In these reports, mention is made frequently of the alleged presence in the hospital room of a long-dead relative or friend whom only the dying person can see or hear. In the past, such phenomena have been brushed aside as "hallucinations of the dying", implying that all patients in their terminal stage are mentally incompetent and therefore their testimony is not to be taken at face value." "Life Beyond." Holzer, Hans., p. 136-137

So clearly, your crying and grieving is only for yourself and does not do anything to help the deceased person. You are wasting valuable energy and time. You should really go on with your life for you too will transition one day. Have you done all of your heart's desires? You are here on earth for a reason. You are not here for another person, at least not first and foremost. You are here for your soul's purpose and for a higher spiritual reason and lesson. Release the deceased person! Let them go on for their soul's purpose. Hold the warm and loving memories of the person in your heart and go on about your life's business. LET GO and LET GOD! All is well!

In conclusion, death is not the end of life. You (or any other person) cannot 'not' exist! Please reference the following:

"When we are alive, we define ourselves by what we can see, hear, or touch. We are tissue, bone, and matter. When people die and we can no longer connect with them through our senses, we cannot help but to think that they no longer exist. This is not true. As Albert Einstein proved decades ago, everything is made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change form. You cannot 'not' exist, you can only transform. Death cannot end your life, it can only enhance who and what you are." - Cyndi Dale

Thank you for you reading!

Black Hair, Nappy Hair

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I wrote this article in response to a friend boldly telling me (out of frustration) that she hates her nappy hair.

Unfortunately, this is the sentiment of many Africans and African-Americans, especially African/African-American females.

NOTE: African and African-American includes Moors, Nuwaubians, Asiatics, Hebrew Israelites, Bilalian, Negro, and any other name used to describe Black people.

However, this sentiment supra only exists due to a self-consciousness that was born out of the ugly climate of White racism from the past 500+ years.

Basically, without being made conscious of the texture of their hair as being some wicked curse stemming from the fictitious Biblical Ham character, or some mark of sin placed on Africans from God Almighty, or a defect on God's part while making the African, Africans/African-Americans would not have the hang-ups on their hair (and other facial characteristics and physical anomalies, e.g. dark skin, broad nose, thick and protruding lips, large posterior or butt) that many of them have today which has led to the exploitation of such sentiment with the creation of a hair care industry that reaps hundreds of millions of dollars that don't see any of that money returning to the communities where most Black women live in the form of beauty school scholarships and inner city beauty pageants.

I'm quite sure that before coming into contacts with Whites (Europeans), Africans had no problems with their hair. It only occurred when a contrast was made (between European hair and African hair) and contrast can only exist with isolation and separation, which is the cause of most problems in the world today regardless of race or nationality.

With anything Black or African being the opposite of anything White or European, which was allegedly good, positive, and pure, and which was accepted by both Africans (or Blacks) and Europeans alike (due to custom, law, social conditioning, etc.), you automatically have an institutionalized system in place that will reinforce and breed the erroneous and injurious notion that any and everything African or Black in nature is bad, sinful, defective, flawed, or negative. However, this can only exist with the false White (European) concocted paradigm (that White is good and Black is bad) in existence and effect.

And for the African to believe such negativity about him/herself (due to conditioning predicated upon an insidious form of slavery that stripped the African of his/her culture and cultural identity, knowledge of self and God, language, name, and religious-spiritual belief system, etc.), the result or outcome could be no other than one of acute self-hatred, poor or low self image, and low or no self-esteem, which are sentiments that are greatly exploited (especially for financial gain) in Western nations and the nations that have been conquered and impacted by Western colonial powers in past centuries.

While this exploitation is piercing and stinging in effect and nature for the conquered people, it is just as piercing and stinging in effect and nature for members of the dominant and ruling class people, which is greatly evident in the United States and which is seen in various industries such as beauty (cosmetics), plastic surgery, Botox, breast and lip augmentation, liposuction, etc.

Because many people of all races or nationalities in general and not just Africans/American-Americans are beleaguered with issues of self-hatred (covert or overt), poor or low self-image, and/or low self-esteem, certain industries survive and thrive off of the lower and negative emotions supra. The fashion, beauty, body augmentation, self make-over (like what is seen on television talk shows); alcohol, cigarette, sex/pornography and illegal drug industries are so powerful today (especially in the minds and eyes of females in Western nations) in part due to self-hatred, low/poor self-image, and low self-esteem.

The people with the greatest desire to be made over, appearance-wise, are people who don't love and accept themselves and who have low self-image and self-esteem.

You will find the people with the greatest addictions to fashion and beauty are either frivolous and/or superficial or suffering from self-hatred, low/poor self-image, and/or low self-esteem (whether they are conscious or unconscious of the fact) and usually due to some perceived notion that they are unattractive, defective or flawed, or inadequate in some shape or form which has been ingrained into their minds and psyche due constantly hearing negative things about themselves which led them to be self-conscious (about their outer appearance).

This is very true of people who must always have some name brand piece of clothing on their person. For many people who deem themselves to be nothing, worth-wise, wearing a piece of clothing with a famous person's name on it, makes them someone or somebody in their mind.

"Fool this Nike!" "Michael Jordan wear these!" You see, Jordan is somebody! Jordan is successful and famous in the world. So some individuals link their worth to Michael Jordan's worth, and they do this via Nike tennis shoes and/or sportswear. These individuals who have Nike on their person now feel better about themselves. They are somebody in their minds because they are annexed to Michael Jordan via some tennis shoes with a unique logo on it. Never mind the shoes really only cost $3 in a so-called Third World Nation to make. The simple fact to many individuals that the shoes bear the Nike logo on it and cost over $150 is enough to make them feel important, at least in their mind.

I could use the same example supra for people who feel their clothing and other products (i.e. luggage, purse, etc.) must by Gucci, Louis Vutton, DKNY, Giorgio, Dooney & Burke, Calvin Klein, BeBe, Sean John, Chanel, etc.

But how does having a famous person's name on your butt give you worth?

The majority of people who are addicted to drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, sex and/or pornography, and illegal drugs suffer from self-hatred, low/poor self-image, and/or low self-esteem; all third chakra (solar plexus) blockages in particular, but lower chakras blockage in general.

NOTE: Chakras are invisible energy centers located above the body that store information about us (from both past and present life).

These people feel inadequate in some way, shape or form. Doing these things above helps the person to numb the pain of their lives and feelings (negative emotion). Through the vices and things supra, they are looking for a temporary "high" or "feel good" sensation because number one, they don't believe they can have a "permanent high"; number two, they are "low" or feeling "low" in spirits and that's why they want to get high; number three, they feel "bad" and thus want to feel good!

People who are naturally high in life don't want to get high, at least off of unnatural things. People who are in charge and control of their life and who don't live by default don't need a temporary high because they have a permanent high from being naturally high on life. They have a "natural high" as late soul singer, Curtis Mayfield, sang about on the Superfly soundtrack. They don't need a "Doctor Feel Good" as soulstress Aretha Franklin sang about. They are they're own Dr. Feel Good.

When people feel "down" they are suicidal in many cases and don't even know or realize it; however, the clues and messages are in their statements:

"I'm about to go get f**ked up!"

"I'm about to go get my head bad!"

"I'm about to go get blasted!"

"I'm about to get stoned out of my mind!"

"I'm about to beam up to Scottie!"

These people want to get (escape) out of their minds and quick because they don't like their reality (that they've created via their thoughts and choices in their lives thus far) and feel powerless to change their lives, which they have the power to do if they would only become conscious (aware) believe in themselves, take initiative, take responsibility, and take action. They want to escape the hurt of their pain and frustration in life.

All negative feeling comes from chakra (major energy center) deficiency, e.g. fear, shame, guilt, grief, inability to express or communicate, illusion, and attachment predicated upon life issues such as survival; being unwanted after conception and after birth (by both or one parent); sexuality issues (being raped or molested), relationships (bad familial and sexual relationships), poverty consciousness, being made to feel inadequate or flawed in some way, not receiving love and/or feeling cared for; having one's creativity or expression being suppressed; and/or being made to feel frightened and/or threatened due to one's higher gifts (e.g. psychic ability, clairvoyance, ability to see and communicate with the Other side, etc.).

Self-hatred is a very dangerous programming and conditioning because when you hate yourself it is very easy to harm self and others who look like or remind you of self. This is part of the reason Black-on-Black violence and homicide is so high in urban areas throughout the United States.

African hair is manageable depending upon our diet, how we feel about ourselves (including our hair) or self-image, and our thinking or thoughts. This is something I have discovered through personal experience.

The hair especially improves along with improvement in diet. A healthy and balanced diet that provides needed or necessary nutrition makes available the food in the form of nutrients that the hair requires for its health. And yes, improved diet as well as mentality can even override genetics.

Hair structure changes with diet, mindset, lifestyle, thought, etc. Hair is alive. It is programmable! It holds information.

Crystal skulls are said to hold a lot of valuable ancient information and knowledge due to the programming of the crystals with the hair of ancient women. The ancient women would rub the quart crystals against their hair and the information their hair held or stored would be transferred to the crystal, which was shaped in the form of a human skull and would later be buried so as to preserve the information and knowledge for future generations, especially those who would lose their way.

African hair tends to give many African/African-Americans a problem because hair responds to emotion and most Black people, subtly or consciously, don't love their hair so the hair responds to this -- it gets all hard and nappy (unmanageable). But isn't the hair nappy by nature? Of course it is; but it becomes more stiff and rigid than it normally is.

Africans and American-Americans, generally speaking, do too much to their hair. They never leave it alone. They are always "processing" it and in the process of "processing" their hair, they are torturing their hair. Remember, hair has memory and it does not forget all the abuse (torture), just as an abused woman or child does not forget their abuse. Every part of our body holds memory - good and/or bad.

Abuse makes a person shut down and become hard and rigid. Same thing with hair!

Because African-American females have serious issues with their hair (subtle and overt) which leads to dissatisfaction and hatred of their hair in many cases, a $500 million + dollar (and growing) hair care industry that caters only to Black female hair has been created.

The words of certain things Blacks do to their hair say a lot. Getting a "relaxer" makes the statement that the hair is "wild" and "upset" and thus needs to "calm down," hence "relax." However, the word "wild" really means "free." Europeans used to call Africans "wild" because they went around naked or nearly naked and did certain things that Europeans didn't understand. However, when you truly understand that "wild" means "free", these Africans where just being themselves - they were being free to be themselves; and you can't enslave that which is free (wild), so in order to enslave that which is free, e.g. a person (African, Native American, aborigine, etc.), a horse (Black stallion), etc., you TAME it!

Processing the African hair (or really any hair, for that matter), means, "taming" the African hair.

Basically, the European process of processing (which didn't originate in Africa or amongst African peoples) is a form of enslaving the hair. Though free from physical slavery today, the African is doing the enslaving of him/her self in the area of hair amongst other things, simply due to the fact that mental, psychological, and spiritual slavery is still in effect with the African (though all people regardless of race or nationality are subject to these forms of slavery today by the Rulers of the world).

To "process" the hair means to alter or change it. The word "process" means: "A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result." American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition, 2001, pg. 670

Hot combing is a form of hair branding. It's like what the meat industry does with animals that are "processed" for human consumption for purposes of carnivorism (meat-eating). Hot combining is torture to the hair. When you burn an animal, it smells. The same thing happens when you burn the hair - it smells! I know because I grew up with a Black mother, a Black sister, and Black female cousins and aunts who were always sitting or standing by the kitchen stove hot-combing their hair.

And I can't forget about weaves. Weaves really blew up and took off in the 1980s. It seems weaves replaced wigs. Back in the 1970s, Black women wore a lot of wigs. My mother owned a few wigs. Wigs never made any sense to me. Why put on someone else's hair because you don't want to fix or prepare your own hair? And after all, whose hair is this anyway? In most cases, the hair is from a deceased person (that you never met). But remember, hair holds memory and where are you putting this hair (wig)? On your head, which houses your brain, which houses your mind? That's some scary stuff to me!

Many women were subjecting themselves to information from women who were now deceased by wearing the hair of these dead women. These women could have been prostitutes, fornicators, lunatics, murderers, or God knows what else.

Weaves were also made from horse's hair, which really didn't make sense to me. Think about it, where does horse's hair hang on the horse's anatomy? Does not horse's hair hang above the horse's ass or rear end? And then you wonder why so many Black women are quick to act a damn 'ass,' especially the sisters from the hood who were known to wear extensions (hair weaves).

Horse's hair emits horse's ass energy! Some Black females enjoy being rode like a wild ass (horse, pony) with the dude pulling their hair and spanking them on the ass like a thoroughbred pony while hittin' the skins (slang term for having sex) from the backside (doggy style). This is true! Rapper Xzibit made a song a few years ago with a female saying: "Spank me and pull my hair!" Music programs the mind; especially repetition of certain songs, for repetition of a message constitutes mental programming.

But Black or African hair is so strong, no matter what you do to it (and/or no matter how much money you spend on it), it reclaims and returns right back to its natural state. But the mentally conditioned African keeps fighting nature. The African processes his/her hair constantly, but the African hair returns to its natural state and the unconscious African processes the hair again. This goes on over and over until the hair begins to die - turn gray, fall out, and bald.

And a new thing is happening today due to excess processing of the hair with dangerous and caustic chemicals - BRAIN CANCER! Yes, use of all those chemicals in hair sheen, shampoos, conditioner, dyes, relaxers/processors, etc. and all those hours under those RADIATION-emitting hair dryers are pivotal in the development of brain cancer. I myself lost a beautiful young cousin to brain cancer.

Cancer was a very rare disease in the Black community prior to the 1980s, but due to acceptance into the larger American culture, which gave Blacks more access to foreign and strange foods, lifestyle (actually a death-style) and actions, thoughts and concepts, and environment, cancer has not been a foreigner or stranger to African-Americans in the last 25-30 years. In fact, though just a mere 12-15% of the total U.S. population, they lead the nation in certain forms of cancer such as colon cancer and rectal cancer with breast cancer not being too far behind.

You see, good living and eating that is not in harmony with Nature and/or the laws of the Universe will kill you. Just because you claim to live and eat good doesn't mean you are living and eating in accordance with the laws of Nature and the Universe. You can never fool Mother Nature! But you can delude yourself as much as you like.

So when you say: "I'm about to get a process or get my hair processed", all you're really saying is "I'm about to alter or change the natural state of my hair!" I'm not saying this wrong, or even right; because I respect free will and thus choice; however, I'm stating the truth of the matter.

Black women are very conscious about their hair. Black women will not get in water to go swimming because of their hair. They are afraid that their hair will nap up (and it will) and they just can't have that. Hair is a major part of the Black woman's idea of beauty. Beauty is a high priority on the Black woman's list (actually all women's list), and understandably so, especially in Western society, the United States in particular.

Some Black women will not even go out in public unless their hair is done and if it is not done, they'll cover it up with a rag or something, which also makes a statement, i.e., "I'm ashamed of the state of my hair."

A lot of the hatred of African hair by Africans and African-Americans, especially the African or Black female comes from racist mythological teachings about Africans being cursed. European Christians taught that Africans were the descendants of the fictitious Biblical Ham and thus cursed through ham's seed of Canaan, which is outright Biblical mythological bullshit!

And then you have Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, and his warped and racist mythological view of how Black people's hair become nappy (coarse). The Nation of Islam, which subtly teaches white supremacy hidden under Black supremacy teachings or dogma, teaches that Black people (in America) are the descendants of a mythical Tribe of Shabazz who were a people who were taken into the jungles of Africa by their leader, a scientist named Shabazz, in order to prepare for a hard jungle life, and as a result of living a jungle life (though Africa has no jungles), their noses became broad, their lips thick, and their hair coarse.

Then take a look at the God of the Nation of Islam, Master Fard Muhammad, a man with a White or Caucasian complexion and who has very smooth and silky hair. How come their God has straight hair while the members have coarse or nappy hair?

All of this plays out on the subtle level and does damage, especially when people are unconscious.

And even while nappy, African hair is very powerful. It is helixical in nature (like the human DNA strand). It is the greatest transmitter and receiver of cosmic information (until you damage it with hair chemicals).

When I was a little boy, I couldn't comb my hair without first softening it with water. Today, I can put any comb straight through it without water or anything else. What happened? What changed? Answer: my diet, lifestyle, views, environment, thoughts, etc. And my hair followed closely behind.

In eating healthy and nutritious food, I began feeding my hair (the nutrients I starved it from previously and originally). I started using good hair oils made from natural and edible substances instead of harsh chemicals made by manufacturing companies. I stopped using all those harsh and unnatural hair pomades that were made from petroleum. I was out of my mind putting petroleum jelly on my hair to hold it in place or for purposes of hair waves. I was suffocating my scalp and when the scalp is suffocated and can't breathe, this is what kills the hair and causes it to fall out and off. It does this because it is dying. The petroleum suffocates the scalp and the scalp must breathe.

When I became vegan back in 1998 and started eating all those good and nutritious fruits and vegetables, changed my thinking to that which was more positive and progressive, stopped using unnatural and man-made chemicals on my hair and body, and stayed happy and blissful, the state of my hair (and skin) changed! My hair (and skin) reflected this change in my life. Hair will reflect your life and what's going on in it. It really will! I have always noticed this with women. Their hair says so much about how they're feeling. Hair really is a woman's crown.

Today, while my hair is still helixical, it is very manageable. I have no "naps" and not that naps are a bad thing. It is a healthy kinky that I am proud of. I know my hair is alive. I know it is a transmitter. I know my hair must eat. I know my hair holds memory. This is why I constantly tell my hair that I love it and I do! My hair responds to this just as a person responds to loving words, especially the words "I love you!"

When I show my body attention and get into planned personal relaxation, luxuriation, and grooming (steaming, waxing, pedicure, foot spa, getting my hair cut and trimmed, etc.), I see it in my hair and skin. Always! If I get too busy with my work and neglect or delay my planned personal relaxation, luxuriation, and grooming, I can always see the effects of this in my hair and skin, plus, I instinctively know it as my body starts talking to me. I'm just glad I'm in tune with my intuition, especially being a male and all.

How we feel molds our face, skin, and hair! An essential nutrient of good hair is good emotion. People whose skin looks all hard, dry, rough, and riddled with wrinkles are people who live hard and unrighteous and who live with negative thinking and bad emotions. You program your hair and skin by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions.

Also, hair ties into glandular health. A woman's hair ties into her ovaries and a male's hair ties into his testicles (male form of the female ovaries). Show me a woman with split ends and I'll show you a woman with ovarian insufficiency or degenerating ovaries.

You cannot repair the hair without addressing the endocrine or hormonal system.

Remember, your hair needs nourishment just like every other organ of your body. Hair needs to eat! It needs nutrition.

Essential hair nutrients include Zinc, Biotin, Silica, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Pantothentic Acid (Vitamin B5), Inositol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Copper, and Sulfur (MSM).

No natural substance helps hair (and nails) to grow quicker than MSM (methyl sulphonal methane) sulfur, known as ORGANIC sulfur. This is not the harmful inorganic sulfur grandma used to use back in the day that damaged skin. Grandma didn't know any better back then. Today, we use organic sulfur.

Many natural herbs are rich in the nutrients above and are thus great to take for purposes of providing nourishment to the hair. Good hair-nourishing herbs include: Horsetail, Sage, Rosemary, Shen Min (Ho Shou Wu), Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Bringraj, Kelp, Alfalfa, Sarsaparilla, Red Raspberry, Gotu Kola (a/k/a/ Brahmi), Maidenfern, Dulse, Rose Hips, Chamomile, Irish Moss, Spirulina, and Comfrey Root (which is not poisonous, so don't believe the hype)!

Though not an herb for internal consumption, Henna is an herb that is great for purposes of dying the color of the hair. Henna also makes hair resilient, lustrous, shiny, untangled, and manageable. I perform henna treatments on my hair periodically for purposes of optimal hair care. Henna is very safe compared to all these synthetic, chemical-based hair dyes, and very economical as well. Please reference the following:

"Synthetic hair dye penetrates into the cortex of the hair, binding to (or altering) your natural pigment. In order to penetrate into the cortex the cuticle of the hair needs to be lifted - that's why ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are used in synthetic hair dye.

The repeated lifting of the cuticle causes weathering of the hair - some cuticles are destroyed and some will not close properly after repeated colorings. That's why colored hair will loose luster and shine over time. A closed cuticle lying flat along the strand's surface equals shiny hair that also won't suffer from much tangling (there is nothing to catch against other strands). The more weathered the cuticle, the rougher the hair will feel and the more it will look like the proverbial "rat's nest" you see on some people with long hair that has colored it repeatedly over time. The ammonia/peroxide combination actually breaks down part of the keratin/protein in the hair each time you color your hair. With repeated colorings you actually can remove enough of the protein to weaken your hair to the point where it breaks off (i.e. disintegrates because there is no structure left to keep it together). That's why protein treatments/masks are so popular with people who color regularly. They're used to replace some of the protein lost to regular colorings - they work to some extent, but not nearly as well as keeping the protein in where it should be - i.e. in the strands - in the first place. I'm sure you have the commercials in the US as well where the large cosmetics companies try to convince you that the hair color is "moisturizing" and contains "special care ingredients" to "leave your hair completely natural and undamaged". A bunch of bull****, by their very nature they will cause structural damage to your hair - they wouldn't work otherwise. With that not said that hair colored with regular hair color can't look good - it can and often does - but requires some special care and pampering to conceal and to some extent rectify the damage done by the chemicals used. Henna on the other hand will not lift the cuticle the way regular hair color does, nor will it break down the protein structure of your own hair. It will in fact strengthen it as it combines with your own keratin to make it stronger - think of it as a natural protein treatment." SOURCE: Fia "Henna For Hair.Com"

Now do you understand why so many hair-care companies use protein in their products? It's to help repair the DAMAGE of their chemical-based product. Also, know that the protein these companies use in their products (especially their shampoos) comes from PLACENTA. Now you know why if you unwisely have a baby in a hospital (a place where only sick people go and pregnancy is NOT a sickness) they keep the placenta. Conscious people who have home births keep the placenta and bury it, planting a tree over it. And yes, some people strangely eat the placenta because of all the nutrients in it. I don't recommend or advise this, but to each his own!

Horsetail, Alfalfa, Dulse, Irish Moss, and Spirulina are "high mineral" herbs and thus are great sources of nutrition for the hair. Alma and Rose Hips are great natural sources of Vitamin C. Fo-Ti (a/k/a Ho Shou Wu, Shen Min) naturally darken hair and prevent premature graying. Rosemary and Pipli stimulate hair follicles. Sarsaparilla improves scaling skin conditions and helps with dandruff. Maidenfern is a hair tonic. Chamomile and Sage helps to rejuvenate the hair.

If you use hair oil, make sure the oil is from a natural and edible source, i.e. olive oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, safflower, grape seed, Black seed, red palm oil, or Kakui Nut oil, a/k/a Tung oil (native to Hawaii and China). Your hair has to eat! If you feed it oil, it must be edible oil. Would you eat petroleum jelly or mineral oil? If not, then why would you feed it to your hair? Whatever you put on your hair (and skin for that matter) gets into your bloodstream and thus your body. The body requires FOOD! Not chemical.

Black males using harmful petroleum-based pomades would be wise to stop using such products. They suffocate the scalp! Hair is a breathing organ and must breath. Lack of oxygen causes death! Petroleum is made from rocks. Petra = rocks and stones. Petroleum comes from the same place gasoline comes. In fact, they're the same thing. Replace the letter "G" from "Gasoline" with the letter "V" and what word do you have? GASOLINE!

It's not wise or salubrious to put congealed or gelatinous gasoline on your hair.

Harmful petroleum-based pomades (such as Royal King and Dukes) should and can be replaced with natural butters such as African shea butter, African kpangnan butter (commonly called yellow shea butter), and/or cocoa butter. These are better for your hair than man-made pomade.

Shea and kpangnan butters naturally moisturize the scalp. They also contain an abundance of healing ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and a unique fatty acid profile. Shea butter, kpangnan butter (and coconut oil) naturally enables your hair (and skin) to absorb moisture from the air, and as a result, your hair becomes softer and stays moisturized for longer.

When purchasing and using she butter, make sure it is unrefined and raw. There are many brands of processed (refined) shea butter on the market today, so beware! Chances are if the shea butter is coming from a European country, it's refined for cosmetic and eye and nose appeal purposes. Your raw and unrefined shea butter will always come from Africa (i.e. Togo, Ghana, West Africa, etc.), so start learning your African countries.

There are also great essential oils (plant blood) that can help the hair by nourishing it, repairing it, and revitalizing it. These essential oils include: Chamomile (Roman), Sage, Rosemary, Foraha, Pipli (Black Pepper), Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. A mixture of these essential oils will have your hair smelling unique and good. We use these essential oils in Dherbs.Com hair oil.

Chamomile and Sage helps rejuvenate hair. Pipli and Rosemary stimulate hair follicles. Foraha helps prevent and reverse split ends. Patchouli tones, strengthens, and rejuvenates hair. Ylang Ylang nourishes hair and stimulates hair growth.

Products that assist in hair care and maintenance include Hair-Skin-Nails formula, Vitamin C formula, MSM Sulfur, Copper Phosphate, Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula, Vitamin E formula, Zinc Phosphate; and our Hair Oil.

Below is a list of companies that sell hair care products and other personal hygiene products utilizing natural ingredients (though you may still have to check the ingredient list of the products because all companies don't know what "natural" really means).

Aubrey Organic
Avalon Organics
Bazaar of India
Desert Essence
Earth Science
Home Health
Monoi Tiki
Nature's Gate
Nubian Heritage

My family and I personally use products from Auromere (Neem shampoo), Aubrey Organic (shampoo and conditioner), Avalon Organics, Bazaar of India (awesome hair oils), Kiss My Face, and Nubian Heritage (awesome lotions).

Below are a few resources/websites for companies that specialize in black hair care and maintenance for those individuals who believe in buying from Black-owned businesses.

Afrikan Republic
Baka Beauty
Bambi Products
Beauty Gensis
Exclusively Mr. Charles
House of Nubian
Nubian Heritage
Nuanace Plus
Sistas Place
Treasured Locks

The Black Beauty Association's website is

Remember, folks, regardless of whom you buy from, CHECK the ingredients of the products. Don't put color or race before your health. You shouldn't have to compromise one for the other.

Let's not forget and remember that as African (Black) people we have many natural hairstyle choices to choose from. We can wear our hair "natural" (like we used to do back in the 1960s and 1970s before we were hit by the Jheri Curl invasion), "braided," "locked," "twists," etc.

You are seeing a lot of Black people sporting "locks" today. Locks are very common nowadays, even in White corporate America. Locks are so popular today and have been for a while that you actually see a few a White people sportin' "locks."

Notice I call them "locks" and not "dreads" or "dreadlocks." Dreadlock is a pejorative term originating with Europeans who "dreaded" the locks of some Africans who wore them, hence "dreaded" locks, which have become "dreadlocks." But dreadlocks are "dreaded locks."

Many African-Americans began sportin' locks when they discovered and connected with their African roots. It's funny, because if a person with locks bends down and over and let their locks fall or hang, the locks will look just like long "roots" from a tree.

African people have been wearing braids for thousands of years. If it was not for braids, Africans enslaved and brought here to the United States would not have had any native foods (vegetables). Many of the female Africans would hide seeds in their braids.

One of these seeds transplanted across the Atlantic Ocean was okra, Hibiscus esculentus. In Africa, okra was called 'ngumbo.' And what is the name of that dish we put okra in today? GUMBO! In the United States, 'ngumbo' became 'gumbo.'

"Okra was known as ngumbo in its native Angola and hence gumbo in the American colonies. The slaves made a stew from it, modeled after a dish prepared by Native Americans, which they also called 'gumbo.' Don Vorhees [Why Does Popcorn Pop? And 201 fascinating Facts About Food], p. 45

In closing, African-Americans and even continental Africans (especially those in Ghana) would be wise to stop torturing their hair with harsh chemicals (relaxers, perms). African hair does not need to be "relaxed" because it's free (natural). Relaxing the hair is imprisoning the hair. You are incarcerating your hair with this process. Your hair has not committed a crime nor is it a crime to wear your hair in its natural state.

A perm is a misnomer because this hair process is not permanent. As the late Kwame Ture said in a rap song by KRS-One ("Ya Strugglin"), "No matter how hard you try to disguise yourself, it can't be done. Africa is so strong, that regardless of what you put in your hair, she will snatch it off!"

This is what you call "new growth" but ignorantly equated to 'needing to get your hair redone.' We spoke like this in our Jheri curl days. Any time our hair was naturally throwing off the harmful chemicals (shackles imprisoning the natural state of our hair) we'd instantly say to ourselves (or others), 'It's time to get my curl redone.'

I spent a lot of money on Jheri curl activator. I used to have a dresser-top full of Jheri curl activator, conditioners, and spray. I had all brands too - Moxie, World of Curls, etc.

You used to be in bad shape too when you ran out of curl activator and didn't have anything to put on your hair. We became dependent on Jheri culr activator and didn't even realize it.

I messed up a lot of pillows and shirts too! I had slimy curl juice running down my neck and into the collars of my shirts. I always had 'ring around the collar' in those days. But hey, in those days, you had to have a curl for the girls. Like Akon sings on India Arie's hit jam "I Am Not My Hair", "Nappy headed brothers never had no ladies!" Well, that was true until nappy-headed brothers became 'ballers' and 'hustlers,' at least in my hometown of South Central Los Angeles. Money was enough to blind those young sisters to a lot of things whereby if a brother with nappy hair didn't have any major money in his pocket, he wouldn't get any play at all.

Believe it or not, periodically I have bad dreams (if you want to call them such) whereby I'm sportin' a curl again, in modern times. These dreams negatively impact me. I wake up feeling rejoiced that it was only a dream.

All those times I was getting my hair Jheri curled and sitting in that chair with harsh chemicals on my head (scalp) burning the living daylights out of myself, my scalp was recording this abuse on a cellular level and the fact of the matter is, the damage is still there and sometimes in dream state I revisit (replay) this trauma I did to myself in my days of ignorance.

The above would be the only so-called bad dreams Djehuty Ma'at-Ra has these days, and they are very rare, but do occur. I know most people will not consider the above as bad dreams, but for me, they are - LOL!

Black hair is alive! It is electrical and you know it. You may have experienced combing your hair only to feel a static shock. This is because hair is electrical and it is electrical due to the combination of carbon and copper. Our hair is black or melanated in color because of CARBON and COPPER. It is an antennae and receiver that allows us to pick up cosmic transmissions in the Universe and to process them in our bodies. This is why Blacks who wear their hair naturally tend to be more in tune and in line with universal and multiversal consciousness. They may be more spiritual as well. Most religified people (mainly our Christian brothers and sisters) are the ones who process their hair.

It is true that you are not your hair, but your hair is an integral part of you or who you are, so embrace it, care for it, and listen to it.

Black people (and every other race of people, for that matter) - ACCEPT YOUR OWN and BE YOURSELF! God made you perfect just the way you are. All you have to do is just take care of (maintain) what you have.

There' a whole industry out there that profits off of self-hate. Self-hate and self-inadequacy is a billion dollar industry.

As the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in a lecture in California in the mid-1960s pertaining to Black hair: "It's good hair! It really is!"

Dr. King told the truth!

The Dangers of Antidepressants

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One cannot talk about antidepressants (SSRI antidepressants) without talking about depression, which is the mental health disorder antidepressant drugs are prescribed for.
(NOTE: SSRI = Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.)

So within this blog article I will cover both the dangers of antidepressant drugs and the disease and disorder of depression.

I am very qualified to talk about depression, well, at least in my personal opinion, because it's something I saw often as a little boy growing up, plus, I have helped many people (mostly women) overcome depression naturally through dietary modification (vegan and raw/live foods), herbal compounds, positive thinking exercises, affirmations, and other natural modalities.

A very popular antidepressant drug of choice is the drug 'Valium.' As a health researcher, I clearly know why of all the depressive mood states and suicidal tendencies. Like many antidepressant drugs on the market, 'Valium' induces suicidal tendencies and thoughts. So does Prozac! I learned this from my research back in the late 1990s. It's clearly documented too.

As depression rates soared in the United States in the last decades, new pharmaceutical antidepressant drugs have hit the market. Antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro, Sarafem, Zyban, Luvox, Wellbutrin, Effexor, and Serzone to name a few have ended up as prescriptions for millions of Americans, including the late great pop icon Michael Jackson.

Many antidepressant drugs are unnecessarily prescribed, like in the case of female menstruation whereby doctors are now prescribing antidepressant drugs such as Prozac for teen girls and women to combat their PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Statistics in the Matrix suggest that 7 out of 100 people will suffer from depression after age 18 at some point in their lives; and presently, 1 in 33 children and 1 in 8 adolescents suffer from clinical depression.

Statistics also show that 6 million people are affected by late life depression; and that only 10% receive treatment or help. However, most people diagnosed with major depression receive a diagnosis between their late twenties to mid-thirties.

For every one man that develops depression, two women will develop depression, regardless of racial or ethnic background or economic status. And the depression and suicide rates of young African-American males are startling. You hardly hear anything about this. Perhaps it's because African-American males are already so expendable in the eyes of so many in our society, so why should anyone be alarmed at this revelation? Starling or not, it is a reality and black medical and health organizations and authorities should start looking into this.

Statistics also reveal that more than half of all people caring for an older relative show clinically significant depressive symptoms. And for some strange reason (which I know serves a purpose), it is projected that by the year 2020, depression will be the 2nd most common health problem in the world.

If depression is going to be the 2nd most common health problem in the world, then people all around the world are about to get ready to see some very bad stuff take place in the world. Depression doesn't just fall out of the sky. Depression is a reaction to something.

Depression is a serious challenge to optimal health and wellbeing. It is also a symptom of other health challenges.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of cancer patients suffer from depression, and understandably so.

Eighteen percent (18%) of post-stroke patients suffer from depression.

Approximately one of every two patients with an eating disorder suffers from major or clinical depression.

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of persons with substance abuse disorders (both alcohol and other substances) experience depression.

Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the United States for ages 15-44.

Clinical or major depression is the top cause of disability throughout the world for persons 5 and over.

In the United States alone, businesses may spend anywhere from 12 to 70 billion dollars caring for or paying for the medical expenses of employees that have depression or suffer from related mental illness.

SSRI Antidepressants and Suicide

If you think depression is a problem, just start taking some pharmaceutical antidepressant drugs and watch your problem(s) get worse. If depression is bad, what is suicide murder?

It is safe to say that SSRI antidepressants KILL! Why would the FDA approve of such harmful drugs? Can you say: profits? The criminal and nefarious FDA allows these harmful medications on the market despite the harm they do.

You need to know that Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Sarafem, Fen-Phen, Redux, Meridia, Effexor, Serzone, Wellbutrin, Zyban, or any one of the other SSRI antidepressant drugs, induced every one of these tragedies. This is happening right under our noses; people are dying everywhere; but, it's not brought to you on your evening news. It's just horrible that we're not being told what is going on.

And you should know this, as well: When the big pharmaceutical companies settled these court cases, the agreements included gag orders. These families can't tell you what I'm telling you here. So, while the families get some compensation for their loss, there is no justice. No responsibility or guilt is ever officially attached, and these companies are allowed to continue on, business as usual."

Again, it is safe to say that SSRI antidepressants KILL! Why would the FDA approve of such harmful drugs? Can you say: profits? That's right! Profits over human life!

Folks, there's a reason why we are seeing and hearing about so many murder/suicides today. Pharmaceutical drugs! Not Nature's herbs, but these darn toxic and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs that have no place in the human body. People are shooting up their families, shooting up schools, shooting up their place of employment, shooting up churches, shooting up hospitals, and shooting up colleges and universities.

Causes of Depression

First, lets define what depression is, at least from a medical perspective, so as to be able to understand it. You can't heal any disease, disorder, or dysfunction unless and until you first understand what the disease, disorder, or dysfunction is - it's source or origin, its nature, and its purpose.

Depression is a mental disorder that is medically defined as: "1. A decrease of vital functional activity. 2. A mood disturbance characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement resulting from and normally proportionate to some personal loss or tragedy. 3. An abnormal emotional state characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, melancholy, dejection, worthlessness, emptiness, and hopelessness that are inappropriate and out of proportion to reality." ( Mosby's Medical Dictionary)

The medical term 'depression' derives from a Latin word 'deprimare' meaning "to press down." Depression results when there is lack of inspiration, optimism, and enthusiasm in life. It is also the result of the spirit being deflated.

People become depressed when hope is lost or perceived to be lost.

People become depressed when they feel lonely or perceive themselves to be lonely.

People become depressed when they don't feel loved or perceive to have lost love.

People become depressed when they don't see a way out of a dark situation.

People become depressed when they don't feel good about themselves over a long period of time.

People become depressed at the loss of a loved one to death.

People become depressed when they don't have any money or are constantly broke, especially women.

Natural Healing For Depression

Depression can be healed by greatly modifying the diet. A nutrition-rich diet is key. Lack of certain nutrients that nourish the brain and neurological system must be added to the diet. To make sure the body and the brain are getting certain nutrients that are greatly needed, it's best to eat a diet consisting of various vegetables and fruits, in their raw form but also in the form of herbal extracts, teas, and capsules.

A raw foods diet alone will cause a tremendous positive change in a depressed person. Why? Well, because raw foods are filled with life. Raw foods are live foods and live foods are enzymatic in nature. Enzymes are what give life to raw foods. Cooked and processed foods lack enzymes and this is why cooked and processed foods are dead or lifeless.

Raw foods are not boring! They are not bland! They are not devoid of protein! Raw food is not just lettuce and carrots. It's a whole lot of wonderful veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains. Don't think so? Then just visit our "Dietary Choices" section on our site (within the next few weeks) and see for yourself.

Avoid meat and dairy products as well as processed and refined products. They contain many harmful chemical additives that impair the brain and nervous system.

Avoid all chemical sweetening agents: sugar, saccharin, aspartame, Nutra Sweet, Equal, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, Ace-K, etc.

Avoid all beverages that contain the synthetic amino acid 'phenylalanine.'

Avoid all commercial brand energy drinks, i.e. Red Bull, Full Throttle, etc.

Avoid all alcoholic beverages: beer, wine, champagne, etc.

Drink plenty of good water - distilled, spring, or alkaline water are best! Alkaline water is best!

By all means, avoid ALL chemical and pharmaceutical meds (drugs), especially antidepressants. Antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro, Sarafem, Zyban, Luvox, Wellbutrin, Effexor, and Serzone to name a few have ended up as prescriptions for millions of Americans, including the late great pop icon Michael Jackson.


Aromatherapy is highly recommended for the healing of depression.

Beneficial essential oils that can aid in reversing and healing depression include: Davana, Neroli, Rose (Bulgarian/Otto), May Chang, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Mandarin Orange, Linden Flower, Frankincense, Lavender (French), Valerian Root, St. John's Wort, Champaca, Sage, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, and Rosemary.

Essential oils can be inhaled or sniffed through the nose (from the bottle or an inhaler or inspirant) or burned in a diffuser or nebulizer.

Nervine herbs that can be consumed to help reverse depression include: Kava Kava, Valerian Root, Jatamansi, Lavender Buds, Linden Flower, Catnip, Skullcap, Passionflower, Chamomile (very mild effect), Wild Lettuce, St. John's Wort (very mild effect), Blue Vervain, and Hops.

Crystals that help reverse and heal depression include: Pink and Purple Lepidolite (which contains lithium, Nature's antidepressant).

I also highly recommend the following practices which could be helpful to you:

Listen to uplifting music!

Perform yoga!

Perform deep breathing exercises!

Have your chakras evaluated and balanced.

Hang out in Nature - at the beach, in the woods, at a lake, etc.

Nobody has to die from depression. Depression is a symptom that simply conveys a much deeper message, usually on the spirit and soul levels of existence.

Thank you for reading!

Minerals and Vitamins

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Numerous companies in the U.S. are producing minerals (also known as 'elements') and vitamins and promoting them as necessary for good health but at the same time are sabotaging the health of millions of people who are unsuspecting buyers of harmful and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Most mineral and vitamin brands on the market are (1) synthetic (made from oxide minerals and other substances), (2) contain harmful substances (i.e., preservatives, fillers, binders, coal tar, bitumen, gelatin, waste products), (3) cannot be digested by the human body and therefore cannot be assimilated, (4) lack intelligence due to being man-made and thus cannot find their way out of the body and thus get lodged in the tissues of the body causing disease and/or enhancing present diseases, (5) are urinated out of the body (turning your urine dark orange in color), (6) are not carbon-copper bound and thus lack electricity and does not vibrate harmonically with the human body, (7) are not organic (phosphate) which is the state all digestible foods must be in for the body to break them down in order to absorb their nutrients, and (8) are manufactured by pharmaceutical drug companies who sell them under subsidiary health companies.

Pregnant women that take doctor-physician prescribed prenatal mineral and vitamin tablets are taking nothing but waste products that will only pollute the pregnant mother's bloodstream and cause the baby to be born with jaundice or hepatitis, both of which are liver diseases. Why do you think so many babies are born with jaundice these days? Why do you think hospitals are pushing hepatitis vaccines on newborn babies today, especially if they are born in a hospital?

Prenatal minerals and vitamins contain some very harmful and toxic substances including coal tar, bitumen (black stuff they repair streets with), and even horse manure in some cases.

It is very important that you know all the necessary and requisite information on minerals and vitamins before taking them. Most of us know that minerals and vitamins are necessary for optimal health; however, many of us just don't know what kind of minerals and vitamins to take which creates a lot of confusion, apathy, and frustration for a lot of people. Luckily many people find and turn to Dherbs.Com for help.


Your minerals must come from the Earth (natural foods: fruits, vegetables/plants, seeds, nuts, grains). Minerals derived from natural and living substances such as food supra are ORGANIC. Minerals derived from non-living sources, i.e. mine ore, metallic substances or metals are INORGANIC (non-living, though vibrating).

Most people are unwisely and unknowingly consuming INORGANIC minerals and vitamins today.

Before modern man came on the scene, people never worried about minerals and/or vitamins. They didn't have to! They derived everything for optimal health, in most cases, from their food source, which mainly consisted of vegetarian foods derived from fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. Very little meat was eaten. The meals were well balanced and the servings of dead, slaughtered animal flesh were well proportioned. They were not eating half a bird like folks are doing today. This is why you don't read or hear about ancient people or cultures suffering from meat-based diseases such as cancer and high cholesterol; well, maybe with the exception of Europeans who were known to eat excessive and large amounts of dead, slaughtered animal flesh (SOURCE: What They Don't Teach You in History). Your modern meats derived from Europe and Europeans and the names of your common meats today bear witness to this.

Bologna, turkey, salami, Vienna sausage, frankfurters, hamburger, Sirloin steak, and a few other meats all have their origins in Europe. The names of these meats are derived from the names of European countries and cities.

Sirloin steak is called sirloin because an English king knighted a piece of loin he enjoyed eating so much, hence, "Sir loin." After a person is knighted, he becomes a "Sir" i.e. Sir John Elton. Only British royal can make a person a "Sir."

Sir. noun. Used as an honorific title for baronets and knights. American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition, p774

Bologna is a city located in Italy northeast of Florence. Salami (Salamos) is an island near Greece. Vienna is a city located in Austria. Frankfurt and Hamburg are located in Germany.

Our modern day preoccupation and love affair with religiously consuming large amounts of meat is totally a European thing (under the illusion of deriving protein which is very asinine as meat contains 0% organic protein which the human body can use).

When buying minerals for yourself and/or your family, you must know what to look for. A good mineral brand will list all organic sources of the minerals. These organic sources should be derived from FOOD (fruit, plant/vegetable sources) exclusively. Any brand that lists any of the 102 minerals with a term following the mineral is synthetic. For example, Nature made calcium, but not calcium gluconate. Nature made iron, but not iron ferrous. Nature did make oxide minerals, but not for purposes of human consumption. You must remember that nature has produced two states of every mineral: ORGANIC and INORGANIC, or, PHOSPHATE and OXIDE. Humans require ORGANIC or PHOSPHATE minerals!

Also, nature does not give us anything mono-structured. A mono-structured element or mineral by itself or isolated (from other elements) is unstable and will sabotage your health before ultimately killing you.

As humans, we need and require oxygen, but oxygen by itself and not balanced with nitrogen is a poison and will KILL YOU! Therefore, God/Nature balanced oxygen with nitrogen.

Water is required for life, but God/Nature balanced the water with hydrogen and oxygen. Water like the air (oxygen) we breathe is balanced. Therefore, your minerals and vitamins must also be balanced, and if not, you are spending all of your hard-earned money on POISONS and are POISONING yourself and your children.

Most of the brands of minerals people are buying at the local GNC (General Nutrition Center), Great Earth, Vitamin Shoppe, the local pharmacy and/or super casket, oops, I mean "super-market," are SYNTETHIC, INORGANIC, OXIDIC, HARMFUL, and POISONOUS and people are paying a fortune on sabotaging their health thinking all the while they have been doing the right thing. But Dherbs.Com is here to tell you otherwise (whether you buy our products or not, as we are also an information center and resource).

Another thing you need to know about minerals is that minerals have an atomic number and weight. A mineral's atomic number and weight is denoted by a number, a symbol, followed by another number. For example, Iron's atomic number, symbol, and weight (or mass) is 26 Fe 55.845. Calcium's atomic number is 20 Ca 40.08.

A mineral's atomic number and weight is important because it tells us about the number of electrons a mineral has. Minerals are alive and loaded with electrons, thus making the mineral electrical. As humans, we are electrical and require electricity for optimal health. We are energy creatures!

The number of electrons in large part determines the chemical nature of an element.

It is because of the electrons spinning in a food that makes it alive. The electrons in the food are determined by the state of the elements in the food. The state must be organic and coming from the plant kingdom or 2nd density.

It is important that our minerals come from the Earth because the Earth is alchemical in function. The Earth can convert inorganic elements (minerals) into organic elements.

The Earth is alchemical because she can convert one thing into another, like alchemists converted base metals into gold. Alchemy is a natural feminine function. A woman can take sperm and dish out a little replica of herself or the father (based upon her choice). She can convert food into a meal, a house into a home, and pain into pleasure. Woman is a natural alchemist. Women are predominantly physical alchemists and men are more so mental alchemists, converting their thoughts into things. Women convert physical things into other physical things (though having the ability to convert thoughts into things as well).

Inside Mother Earth consists oxide (inorganic) form of minerals that in this form or state, humans cannot digest, at least not anymore (due to the Fall of Man). Therefore, the plant kingdom has been given the function of helping humans out in their degenerative state by converting inorganic minerals into organic minerals.

As Solar beings in our original state hundred of thousands of years ago, we extracted our nutrients from the sun and atmosphere, which is why we did not have to eat food or drink water at all. We developed the habit of eating and drinking only in response to changing our natural way of living - deriving what we needed and required from the Sun and atmosphere (which I'm quite sure sounds very strange and far out to many of you reading this).

When original solar man ate solid food (vegetation) for the first time, he brought cell salts into his body (for the first time) that irritated his tissues. This irritation of the tissues created thirst - the desire for water. Eating food and drinking water caused his internal organs to change. Because of consuming so much of many new things and in the process polluting the body, the organs began to inflame and thus became larger and had to work faster and harder to fight the pollutants man was putting into his body. You see, the Fall of Man actually pertains to this scenario and not some religious adult fairy tale about a naked man and woman named Adam and Eve in some mystical garden who disobeyed God by doing what God told them to do in the first place (have sex) in Genesis 1:26, and thus bring sin into the world.

The Biblical story of Adam & Eve was created (by man) to justify the need for spiritual redemption and salvation via a concocted savior-god based upon the ancient sun gods of various ancient cultures. You can believe in a savior-god today all you want to but no savior in the form of another person (mystical or real) can or will save you from all the ills you have wrought and brought upon yourself via your egotistical, immature, unconscious, and irresponsible thinking and therefore egotistical, immature, unconscious, and irresponsible actions and behavior.

Before the first European Christian missionaries ever set foot on African, Indian, Asian, and American soil to conquer the souls of these indigenous people, none of these indigenous people of these lands supra needed salvation (saving) or redemption nor did they believe in such.

The story of Adam and Eve goes against the Universal Law of Karma (you shall reap what you sow). How in the world am I liable for the sins of Adam and Eve? I never met them! If I'm born in sin from the get go, I'm doomed and never had a chance from the start. This type of deleterious teaching (programming) is necessary for salvation and messiah indoctrination that only serves for purposes of controlling people via mental manipulation. It sets humanity up to need and look for external salvation in the form of a messiah construct (person, theology, institution, etc.).

However, it is people who are messing themselves up and therefore it is only people who can save themselves. You can believe in Jesus, Allah, Yahweh or whoever else you desire to believe in all you want, but belief in these will not alter your life and prevent the IRS from taking your money against your will, receiving and having to pay for parking and traffic tickets, having to answer to government (fictitious body of cowardly men hiding under or behind a corporation); eating unhealthy foods and not getting sick and degenerate as a consequence, etc.

As an individual, I am free today. This is because I don't embrace any concept of sin, especially original sin. I don't see God as some sick and deranged entity that derives pleasure and joy from human misery and suffering.

Because I am not spending all of my time seeking forgiveness for something I didn't do in the first place (disobey God) and which belongs to other people (Adam and Eve), I am free to cultivate myself and create my own reality which I am doing and thus living life to the fullest as a free and sovereign individual. Many others are also doing this.

If you believe in sin you most certainly will attract it. This is why so many people (especially women) have sexual hang-ups and diseases of a sexual nature. Sex is surrounded by guilt, shame, fear, confusion, ignorance, etc. and that's why people are so messed up today. This is why there are so many rapes, child molestations, pornography, abortions and miscarriages, and promiscuity. It is due mainly to sexual hang-ups predicated upon religious belief systems that teach that sex is a sin.

Religion suppresses sexuality and the porno/sex industry expresses it. It's a pendulum effect. In fact, without religion, you could not have a porno or sex industry. The two go hand and hand. It is a conspiracy of sorts. Both need each other to express themselves. There's no expression without suppression (and repression in this Matrix). Religion equals suppression (sexual suppression) and repression and the porno/sex industry equals expression (regardless if you deem the activity to be perverted).

The Earth converts the oxide minerals in the soil into organic or phosphate status via the plants. The Earth's soil has a chemical called "Humic Acid" and this Humic Acid (which is alkaline and not an acid or acid-forming) is responsible for the earth's alchemical ability to convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Today, this acid is now available to enhance human health and well-being.

Humic acid will improve the absorption of all vitamins and minerals, especially those derived from organic sources.

In closing, please know that today you have a choice in the vitamins and minerals you consume. At Dherbs.Com, you get nothing but the best quality with our products and this is especially so of our line of Organic Vitamins, B-Vitamin Complex, and Minerals.

Problem Can Be An Opportunity

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That's right! Every problem is an opportunity when you look at the problematic situation from this perspective. You see, you always have a choice in how you decide to look at things in life - your life in particular!

Everything that occurs will always boil down to perception, how you see things that occur. You have a choice! You can see a thing or experience perceive it as bad or good. Regardless of how you choose to see a thing or experience, nevertheless, the thing is merely a thing, or the experience an experience. Ask yourself, what perception of the thing or experience best benefits you? We should always be looking to get a benefit out of life and everything that occurs in our lives. A benefit is a reward and life is full of rewards in light of its being a reward in and of itself. The grandest of rewards in my opinion!

When you see a problem as an obstacle, it will be just that - an obstacle! However, it will only be an obstacle in your mind if you choose to see it as such. Your mental health will suffer as misery, anger, grief or other negative emotions cause a vibration from seeing something in the negative. Negative breeds negative! Period! Now on the other hand, when you see a problem as an opportunity, a chance, it will be just that - an opportunity, a chance! An opportunity or chance is a doorway that invites us into new experiences, new lessons we can learn from and experiences that allow us to grow in life!

When you look at every problem or challenge that may come your way as an opportunity and do not resist the problem or challenge but accept it with open arms and a positive outlook, I guarantee you you'll overcome the problem or challenge quickly and you'll come out of it on the other side with great rewards. This is so true, people! And it never fails! When you look at a problem from a positive perspective, you have started the pulverization process of the problem.

In addition, when you begin to use your mind and see or visualize yourself victorious at the outcome of the problem or challenge, you summon the Universe and everything good in it to assist you in becoming successful in overcoming the problem (or challenge, trial, tribulation). For what you visualize will undoubtedly materialize and this is a great immutable law whether you believe in it or not. This law is unwavering! And people who are wise enough to know it, trust in it, and believe in it - BENEFIT from it!

Positivity attracts positivity, for that which is like unto itself, is drawn - the immutable Law of Attraction!

Folks, when you begin to embrace problems and see them as allies and learning lessons on your path (soul journey), you'll notice how you gradually will stop having problems or challenges (in the proverbial sense) in your life. You'll simply begin to see everything that comes your way an experience you can learn and benefit from.

You can't control the external world outside of your "self" but you can control how you
choose to see things in that world. Remember, your world is the only world you can change. You will always experience resistance, opposition, struggle, frustration and drama when you try to change things outside of self. Self is the only world you control and therefore can change.

You would be wise to start seeing your problems, challenges, trials, and tribulations as opportunities. Looking at problems in a negative light slows down your progress and causes the problem (situation) to linger longer.

Even disease should be looked at in a positive light. Disease is not your enemy! It can be your friend. It conveys a much-needed message to you; one denoting that something is wrong with your body. Think of an oil light gauge in a car which warns you when something is wrong and action needs to be taken. Well, the same with the body; when you don't listen to the message the disease conveys, your body breaks down or worse, shuts down (i.e. death).

A health problem is simply an opportunity to improve your health and learn about your self. Start looking at disease in this light and you will greatly benefit from what you used to dread.

In closing, always remember that, "every problem is an OPPORTUNITY!!!

Think Yourself Healthy

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Thinking - or how you think - is very important in healing. In fact, the reality is, you actually "thought" yourself into sickness, infirmity, ailment, injury and/or disease. Your thinking is what started your sickness or disease. As all comes from thought, so does sickness and disease. Most people don't have a clue of this, but they really did think themselves into their present state - whatever that state may be!

First, you think yourself sick; then you speak yourself sick. Take fear for example. It is very true that "what you fear will appear." When you fear a thing, you attract the thing you fear via the Law of Attraction (LOA). Many people out there fear contracting genital herpes or some other sexually transmitted disease (STD). This fear is embedded deep into the subconscious

mind. It matches what's on the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is what manifests what's on the conscious mind. The people who consciously fear contracting genital herpes or some other STD attract the very same thing they fear or do not want and they do so via ignorance of Higher Law or Universal Law.

This is why it pays to only think positive, especially when the thought of a thing is recurrent or consistent. The reason being is consistent thoughts magnify the thought and brings the thought ultimately into physical manifestation.

If you keep having thoughts of contracting some new virus, you'll eventually "catch" that virus. Basically, your body will give you the new virus by developing the new virus. Your body can develop poison or it can develop a nepenthe, panacea, or antidote. Your body (it's endocrine system) is a laboratory. It is alchemical, mystical, and magical.

You must watch your thoughts and you most certainly must watch your words. Again, people are speaking themselves into sickness. Saying things like: 'I can't stand you!', 'You get on my damn nerves!', 'You make me sick!'; 'You make my stomach turn!', or "you're a pain in my neck!' actually cause your body to respond to these statements (words) and eventually manifests such statements (words) in your physical body and in the precise or specific geographical areas of your body. Your body responds to everything you say - positive or negative. The impact of words, be they positive or negative, are stored in your tissues throughout your body.

This is why in order to heal you must positively change your thoughts and thinking, which then should change how you speak. If you doubt the efficacy of health products, herbs, or healing modalities or therapies, you lessen their efficacy. As an example, if you think a full body detox or anti-viral cleanse and regimen or any other type of cleanse won't work for you despite performing the cleanses, you have made this your unconscious intent and so you don't get the healing you truly desire from
performing the cleanses.

If you think you can't be cured or healed from a so-called incurable disease, chances are you won't be cured or healed and it's nobody's fault but your own. Doubt is the subconscious will to fail.

You must think POSITIVE! You must think OPTIMISTICALLY! You must think
PROGRESSIVELY! You must think PROACTIVELY! Negative thinking blocks your healing. It keeps you in a diseased state. A clear mind is needed in order to successfully heal.

Visualize yourself the way you desire to see yourself. Feel RIGHT NOW how you desire to feel. If you desire a clean bill of health, FEEL like it! How would you feel if you released 20-30 pounds (if you needed to do so)? T hen FEEL like it right now! Use your mind! Well, at least use your mind for yourself because perhaps up until this moment you have been using your mind for someone or something else. Start using your mind for yourself! After all, it's YOUR mind! You are the first party lien-holder on your mind. You are the holder in due course of your mind. Start acting like it!

Your thoughts create your reality. Think yourself out of disease and into a state of optimal health and well-being or homeostasis (balance).

What you VISUALIZE can and will MATERIALIZE! So constantly visualize a healthier and happier YOU! Visualize this into reality! You can do it as numerous individuals have done it with great success.

Thank you for your reading!

The "Rules" For Good Health Have Changed


Once upon a time, the "rule of thumb" to attain and maintain good health was to eat proper foods, get plenty of exercise and if need be, diet occasionally to make up for excesses. As technology advanced however, a variety of new products emerged (e.g. vitamins, supplements) devoted to providing minerals and nutrients for the body and this changed the equation.

The ingestion of minerals and nutrients is especially important for numerous reasons. First, in the course of life, minerals are lost in our bodies and it is critical that they be replaced for it to function properly. Second, the soil in the ground today is depleted of minerals as compared to the past.

Thus, it is imperative that we fill this nutritional void. Finally, minerals and nutrients are vital as fuel for energy, to keep our glands and organs operating optimally, to prevent premature aging - and even to keep the body beautiful.

Is it enough then for us to just to take the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients? The answer is no. Equally important is the source that they derive from. It is paramount they come from natural or organic sources, not from products that are manufactured, processed or synthetic (with additives and fillers). Those from natural sources can be easily absorbed, digested and assimilated by the body's cells. Those from processed sources cannot.

Further, it is most helpful to begin integrating natural supplements into your diet as soon as possible - even as early at two years of age. The longer you take vitamins and minerals, the more your body will have in reserve for use. Insufficient levels of nutrients and minerals will lead to poor health on all levels; not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Also, when one part of the body is deficient in nutrients, it will extract them from some other part.

One of the purest forms of all natural, organic products are those made of herbs. There a myriad of supplements that are important to the health and well being of your body. A few examples, include:

• Vitamin C - This is very important for a variety of body functions. It boosts the immune system, enhances the health of your hair, nails and skin and also enhances the beauty of each of these areas. If one is just beginning a regimen of taking vitamins, minerals or nutrients, taking vitamin C is probably the best place to start.

• Iron - Taking an iron supplement is very important to women, especially in relationship to their menstrual cycle which causes a loss of a large amount of blood containing iron.

• Vitamins E, K and B12 - The female reproductive system is greatly taxed and these vitamins help to strengthen, nourish, rejuvenate and tonify the glands and organs of this system. Without nutrients to provide fuel, you may not have the energy for sex which translates in a low sex drive or poor libido as well as possibly infertility in females.

While taking supplements to provide the necessary minerals and nutrients to be body is key, it isn't the beginning and end or what you need to attain and maintain good health. Augmenting natural supplementation with a clean, healthy diet is equally important. What should this consist of? There are many options, including the following.

A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits and seeds is one excellent plan for good health. These types of foods will provide you with a healthy balance of vital nutrients, such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, phyto-hormones, amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids among others. One other key ingredient they provide is fiber which aids in colon and intestinal health, especially peristalsis (bowel movements). Having a clean and well functioning colon is a key to good health.

You must also consider what you should avoid as well. Good examples are foods that are acidic and mucus forming. Therefore, you must avoid, whenever possible, dairy products, refined grains, processed foods or meats. It should be noted as well that meat and dairy production Is very detrimental to the earth and harms the environment. Once again, processed foods are to be avoided because they lower the body's pH level and rob your body of what little nutrients it may have.

It is imperative that health-conscious people - who really care about their health and make it a priority in their lives - have the determination and dedication to follow through to do what is necessary to enhance and protect it.


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